Cross save successful on all but one character. Anyone have this problem?

My husband and I were able to successfully upload from PS3 and download to PS4 all of our toons but one. My level 37 Nisha will not upload. It tells me that it has failed and to check my internet connection and try again later. My internet connection is not my problem. I was able to successfully complete uploads/downloads of characters minutes before and minutes after attempting to upload Nisha, but it will not work. I’m going to put in a support ticket but I wanted to know if anyone else is having this same issue?
@Jeffybug or @joekgbx is this a known issue?Is there something else I can try? I had backed up my save file right before I started uploading/downloading everything. So after a few hours of trying to get Nisha to upload, I tried reloading my game save to see if that would make a difference. it did not. Any suggestions while I wait for a response from support? We are anxiously waiting to play but didn’t wan tto start until everything was ported over.

Hi Artemis, sorry to hear you’re having some trouble. Shoot over to and submit a support ticket. Those guys and gals will get you fixed up in no time in sure.

Thanks @joekgbx.
I did submit a support ticket and will patiently await a response, I know those guys must be swamped right now . In the meantime, am I able to start playing with my other character or will this mess something up? We have anxiously awaited getting to experience the game in all of it’s awesomness on our new PS4. My husband took the rest of the week off so we could have a “Handsome Collection Staycation” and it is currently being wasted since we cannot play. We have not entered either game on the PS4 yet, so I’m not sure if we have any other issues like missing BAR or other issues that some people have had. Sorry if this is a stupid question but this is my first experience with cross saving anything and I would hate to screw something up that could not be undone.

On another note, I got this response from Gearbox Support:

"Hey 1artemiscai,
Thanks for writing in, we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.
In the meantime, you may also try want our support forum, as our community may be able to offer some insight:

Gearbox Software Support"

The link seems to be to the old forum or something. It doesn’t work. They might want to update that. Probably not your area but I didn’t know who to tell.

Thanks in advance!

Well, hopefully we can get you sorted ASAP. A HC staycation sounds like something I should try. :smile:

In regards to playing now, see @Jeffybug’s post below:

Thanks for your patience and feel free to keep me posted on your progress.

Great! Thanks @joekgbx.
I also hope the upload and cross save of my Nisha gets sorted soon. In the meantime, I’m off as Aurelia to kick some ass and collect some loot! We are so excited to play!

I highly recommend it!

Thanks again!

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Don’t forget to “take names”! There will be a quiz.

Not even sure what that means… ;D

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I have the same problem on PS3/4. I transferred all my other characters but my level 61 Jack gives me the same message you got “check your network connection” as with you, my connection is good. All my other characters were under level 61 but yours was a level 37 so that can’t be the problem. I will put a ticket in. I hope they can sort our problems out.

Any luck on getting your Nisha over?

It sounds like your game may not be connecting to SHiFT, which we’ve been seeing reports of for PS4 users. You’ll need to be on SHiFT and PSN to complete the transfer.

@Jeffybug No, unfortunately, still unable to get Nisha to upload. For me it does not seem to be a problem with SHift. It authenticates just fine and when I go into the game with her on PS3 and go to Shifty Sheldon’s, I’m connected to SHiFT. I’m also logged into my PSN+ account.

I heard back from Support on my missing Loyalty rewards (they are working on a fix for that) but no reply to my ticket for Nisha as of yet. I know they must be crazy busy, so I’m being patient.

My husband and I have tried everything we can think of on our end over the past couple of days. I had backed up all of my saves to flash drives. We even deleted the Nisha, restored the file system and the database, then reinstalled the Nisha save and she still will not upload. I just don’t get it. It’s frustrating!

Sorry to hear you are also having the same issue. It’s so weird. Because all of my other toons, the ones I did before and after I tried to send over Nisha, went over without a hitch.
Let me know if it gets figured out for you and I will do the same.

Yeah same here, if I get a response I will let you know, nothing yet though cos as you say they are probably very busy right now.
Some of my badass challenges have MINUS 2.5 billion in them but I know they are working on that.
My other 5 characters are all playable.

Wow! Yeah, I’m sure they will get it all sorted. We just need to be patient and give them some time. I’m glad that we are able to play our other characters in the meantime.

I have the same problem, all my characters uploaded fine except my level 50 Claptrap. I don’t really feel like leveling up another Clappy to 50…

Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t want to have to level up another Nisha.
I put in a ticket about this day one, but still have not received a reply on this issue yet. I know they are really busy, so I’m not sure how long I should wait until I contact them to see if I can get an update. I’m afraid my ticket will be lost in the chaos.

This issue probably needs to be hotfixed anyway, and they have other problems atm to work on.
And it is pretty chaotic here nowadays…

I agree.
I feel bad for all of them, it must be long, stressful work days. I would not want to be in their shoes right now. That’s why I’ve decided to patiently wait.

Okay this is strange. I uploaded my Nisha save to the cross-save, and on PS4 it says I have a shared character, but on PS3, it says nothing is there. I also can’t upload my Nisha save to the cross-save either…

I had the same issues with my 55 Sal in BL2, I don’t know if this will work for TPS as I don’t have it for PS3 so have no characters to upload.

After reading about this issue it looks like the problem steams from the shared stash. Any character that has put items in the stash isn’t able to cross save for some reason. If you take the items out of the stash, they can be crossed saved. As soon as I took the items out of the stash I was able to cross save my Sal over. I did not remove the items with Sal himself but with one of my other characters, so it does not need to be the one that stored the items. This should work for BL2 issues, Not sure about TPS.

Good info on the shared stash – will pass that along to the team to investigate!

The shared stash fix doesn’t work on TPS.
Also did you see my post above?