Cross Save Transfer req (PS4)

Anyone able to do a transfer from ps3 to ps4? I made a fresh PSN account along with a shift account all linked up got a save for BL 2 and TPS for transfer should already be in format for ps3.

You can cross-save from ps3 to ps4 but it has to be linked to the same psn account.

Yeah I was going to give them a new PSN I made it’s just some fresh one I made for this nothing on it. I mean if someone has both BL2 and TPS or even just one of the 2 let me know can give you that account info and the saves for both games. I mean if there is nobody with the free time that is fine I tried to ask on but apparently its not allowed on there I see people charging people money to do it so guess maybe that has something to do with it. The saves are just instant level cap boosting saves so guessing they just consist of ready to turn in quest for the xp just saves sometime when I want to get some chars leveled up on my main account other then that still got to work for the gear and all that.