Cross system play

You know we need it…

Love BB, this would fix everything


Too bad this will probably never happen. RIP dreams.

Cross platform has historically been difficult with fps gameplay since someone on a PC has a keyboard/mouse advantage for aiming. There are melee characters, but it could still be an issue

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To that I would say make cross platform play strictly casual and competitive will only be on whatever platform you are playing. But yea I know what you mean,

I don’t play Rocket League but everyone who does is complaining about this.
In theory I support the thought, but look around at other games.

Might help boost the player base which I think is definitely the biggest issue this game has, but could also lose some players if it doesn’t work properly.

Most people that I know who have played Rocket League say they use a controller even on PC, though gameplay for that is quite different from something like Battleborn

Paragon has it, much lower player base but never an issue finding players for games

Maybe for sniping, but when you’ve watched good players with controllers it’s negligible. I mean, look at the CoD champions, all done on console and how accurate are they. Besides, for a game like this controllers work extremely well. I can take out moving targets with Thorn and crit people pretty far away. I’d love to see a good console team take on a PC equivalent.

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Yea, I’ve been playing paragon and it seems to be no problem. Except for the fact that the master race bashes ps4 players lol.

Given equal level of skill the console players will loose. Plug in a controller on a PC version and see how well you do.

Paragon is quite a bit slower than BB though.

Eh, idk.

Besides a PC community that wanted no part of windows 10 and Xbox, gigantic was a great example of hero shooter cross play-but in third person. Although battleborn isn’t as “twitchy” as overwatch and even with a relatively extended ttk, I’ve seen PC streams of thorns doing things on k&m that just can’t be done with gamepad. Also, isn’t controller the preferred option for rocket league? Competition streams made it sound as if k&m was a rarity amongst the top players.

There’s aim assist if you use a controller, even on the PC.

In my opinion, it really only effects Thorn, Marquis and Toby; the snipers.

And you think that is anywhere near as good as keyboard & mouse? :confused:

Most of the ranged weapons have damage fall off, so long distance pop shots aren’t really all that effective most of the time. I’m not really seeing the great advantage outside of sniping I guess.

Other than better movement and accuracy? I’ve had this discussion on reddit already. There’s great console players but they’ll never beat great PC players.

If you’ve ever seen a pro quake player, a wolfenstein: ET player or dirty bomb player move and shoot you’d know that a controller can never compare.

There’s a very good reason cross-platform play generally doesn’t get added.

Probably because all twitchy pro fps’ devolve into hit-scan/sniper wars. Still not sure how outside of snipers, close and midrange shooting is heavy handicapped by controllers + aim assist. Controllers probably even fair better on melee characters over kb+m.

Extremely doubtful but feel free to try and let me know.

Cross-platform play is definitely recommended!
Well, let say if there is an disadvantage to console players, then implement it on casual play and not competitive. Would love to play with console players!

Sure it’ll fix your population problem but it has no advantage what so ever for console so why? We’d just be at a disadvantage.