Crossover Battleborn

This is just something I’m writing down because I personally would find it amusing, but I’m curious about what’d happen if characters from other stories/games and the like were adapted to the setting of Battleborn as playable characters…this is a placeholder for now while I start working out a possible design for ATHF’s Carl as a Battleborn character (as in a character profile, not an actual picture as I can’t draw worth a damn).

(On a side note, does anyone know how to put those little stat bar things like I’ve seen in the Create your own Battleborn thread?)

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I guess they simply copied the characters or the html number for a full and empty square.
■ = & #9632;
□ = &
without the _ behind the &

lolol when I made mine, I found the boxes in the Character map. C:

Thanks man, now I should have…most of what I need to finish this.

Wait a minute…anyone here know all of the ‘character traits’? Like versatile, rescuer, assassin and whatnot? I can’t find one.

That are playstyles that you listed and they are not very defined, even if gearbox describes someone as an assassin you can play him in another way so can trait even stuff like fluffyness and manners.
I’m bored so I list some more serous stuff for you.
playstyles : roles
assasin /sniper : bursts damage dealer
brawler / fighter : offtank / sustained damage dealer
mage / firesupport / artillery : pusher / ae damage dealer
healer / shield healer / buffer : supporter

playstyles or traits that every role can have:
mobile :left_right_arrow: stationary / territorial
versatile :left_right_arrow: specialist
ranged :left_right_arrow: melee
fast :left_right_arrow: slow
stealthy, disruptive (cc heavy)

There are infinitely more but this should cover most.

I see, well I guess this should help me with Carl…and also with my later plans to try and make a similar description for Sander Cohen from Bioshock.

Edit: Finally got around to correcting this. PHEW!

Alright, it took me several hours, but here it is, my design for Carl Brutanadilewski if he were playable in Battleborn.

##Carl Brutananadilewski

##Bio: .
Faction: Rogues
Background: Carl should have known better than to help test Frylock’s teleporter, he was all set to drive off to try and use his ‘Foreigner Belt’ to get laid…when BAM! There he was stuck in a universe about to be eaten by an assload of cosmic horrors…he sees stuff like this on a regular basis though so he don’t care, unfortunately his inability to die still followed him there. But after learning of the Battleborn, and the fact that several members of it were hot women, he formulated a plan to try and get laid, after borrowing (coughcoughcoughstealingcough) some stuff from people who weren’t looking, which included a pretty bitching taser, some gear that could let 2 Wycked fly, and somehow find shells for his gun, he somehow managed to gangpress his way into the Battleborn, where his curse of undeath has became a useful tool for them.

  • Defender
  • Territorial
  • Advanced


##Health: ■■□□□
##Power: ■■■□□
##Range: ■■□□□
#Speed: ■■□□□;


  • Talent: Foreigner Belt: It may not have been his in the first place, but this belt kicks ass…oh, and Carl can tamper with it to either boost his stats or enhance his skills.
  • Weapon: Shotgun: It’s not much, but after souping it up a bit with bigger shells, now it can actually hurt these jackholes.
  • Secondary Attack: Shove: Carl gives a kinda awkward shove towards his foe in a melee attack that pushes back his enemy a bit…though if the guy’s too heavy it just pushes Carl back instead.
  • Melee: Crack: Carl cracks his enemy on the head with the butt of his gun.
  • Passive: Oh God!: Carl gains a movement boost when his shields are down.
  • Ability 1: I don’t need no Instructions!: Carl uses the Foreigner belt in a wave of power that induces a random effect, it either temporarily freezes, burns, or blurs the vision of enemies…or turn their heads into board games if he forgets what Head Games does. Effects generally last for about four seconds.
  • Ability 2: Stay out of my pool!: Carl quickly projects a block of ice, and melts it with the Foreigner Belt, then hurls a taser into the water, stuns and damages anyone who steps in it. Effects generally last for nine seconds.
  • Ultimate: Burn 2 Burn!: Carl summons 2 Wycked, which flies down from the skies and smacks right into enemies, dragging them along and deals heavy damage, only shoots in a straight line though.

Unique Shape and Whick Sweat
Unique Shape is meant to help improve Carl’s ability to, you know, actually survive in a fight.
Whick Sweat is meant to help in keeping enemies away from Carl

###Level 1:
Powerwalk: Carl’s movement speed is increased by %10
Thump: Carl’s damage intake is reduced by %10

###Level 2:
Free Pretzels: Carl’s reload speed is increased by %15.
Count the Bullets: Carl’s magazine is increased from two to four

###Level 3:
Anonymous alcohol: Carl chugs a drink after doing I Don’t Need no Instructions, gaining an overshield…somehow.
Jukebox Hero:I Don’t Need no Instructions damage/effects increased, but at the cost of expending all shield you have at the moment, damage proportionate to how much you have.

###Level 4:
Proper pool cleaning: Cooldown on Stay Out of My Pool is decreased by %15
Leakage:Stay Out of My Pool radius increased, but %15 decrease in damage.

###Level 5:
Chicken skin diet: Carl’s HP is increased by %20 but shields decreased by %5
Nasty flip flops: Carl’s movementspeed is increased by %20 but damage intake decreased by %10

###Level 6:
Feels like the First Time: I Don’t Need no Instructions gains a new random effect, and will slow enemy movement by half for 5 seconds.
Jacuzzi: Stay out of my Pool heals allies when they’re in it.

###Level 7:
Open wide: Burn 2 Burn stuns those hit by it for about three seconds.
Stay out! I mean it!: Stay Out of my Pool duration is increased by %30.

###Level 8:
Big Stick go Boom!: Carl’s shotgun damage increased by %20 but movement speed reduced by %10.
Rock Hard: I Don’t need no Instructions cone width doubled.

###Level 9:
Sometimes I kinda wanna die: Carl’s HP is increased by %30.
LEAVE!: The force behind Carl’s gun is increased and he can blow enemies backwards after charging up a two shell shot by holding down the trigger a little.

###Level 10:
What happened to my freaking car?!: 2 Wycked smashes into the ground like a missile and explodes, causing much more damage but cooldown increased by %20.
Taste the Chrome!: Burn 2 Burn is enhanced with a magnet that snags nearby enemies and drags them along the ground, in addition movement speed on the car is increased, thus dealing even more pain with the attack.

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Ah, I might as well post some here for fun. Here’s Ike from Fire Emblem.
(and uh, this is how you use my template, by the by)

Faction: Rogues
Background: There’s a man wandering the worlds, serving people as he goes, for a price. Some say he’s a hero. Some say he’s a greed-obsessed sellsword. But two things are certain about this man.

He fights for his friends.

And you’ll get no sympathy from him.

  • Attacker
  • Brawler
  • Assassin
  • Complex
  • Talent: Vanguard: Ike swings his huge greatsword around as if it were light as a feather. His great strength and constitution allow him to stay alive on the front lines.
  • Weapon: Greil: Ike’s sword, named after his father, is as long as he is tall. Which is pretty goddamn big. He attacks in wide swings that deal damage to all enemies in front of him.
  • Secondary Attack: Ike holds his sword in a defensive pose. If he’s hit while in this stance, he counterattacks, dealing damage and slowing enemies in front of him. Ike is slowed while in counter stance.
  • Melee: Ike punches his opponent. Quicker than his sword swing, but not as much damage, and only hits 1 target.
  • Passive: I fight for my friends: Ike gains bonus health regen for every allied Battleborn near him.
  • Ability 1: Luna: Ike charges for a while. Activate the ability again, and Ike will dash forward. When he hits an enemy, he unleashes a slash that hits all enemies in front of him and knocks them back.
  • Ability 2: Aether: Ike throws his sword high into the air, jumps up to catch it, and then slams onto a target point on the ground. Enemies take damage around Ike upon the sword throw and landing.
  • Ultimate: Eruption: Ike stabs the ground with Greil, creating a large explosion that damages enemies around him.

Sellsword and Hero
Sellsword is based giving no sympathy to his enemies.
Hero is based around fighting for his friends.

###Level 1:
Highwayman: Luna penetrates through half of the enemy’s shields.
Sol: Ike gains health equal to half the damage he deals with Aether’s landing.

###Level 2:
Pragmatic: The inital hit of Aether deals double damage against shields.
Heroic: The landing blow of Aether knocks enemies back and slows them.

###Level 3:
Blast: If Ike has not basic attacked in 6 seconds, his next attack will explode, dealing double damage in a radius.
Burn: Successfully countering an attack creates an area in front of Ike and around the counteree that damages enemies over time.

###Level 4:
Sure Footing: Decreases the time it takes for Luna to reach max charge.
Sure Strength: Increases the size of the sword swing when Luna connects.

###Level 5:
Two-faced: Ike gains bonus movement speed when he is not benefiting from the effects of I Fight For My Friends.
Big Damn Hero: Ike’s health regeneration increases even more if nearby allies are under half health.

###Level 6:
Underhanded: When Ike throws his sword during Aether, it now travels horizontally before flying upward. Enemies hit by the sword take damage.
High and Mighty: Ike’s shields begin regenerating when he activates Aether.

###Level 7:
Skill Upgrade: Slightly reduces Ike’s cooldowns and increases his critical hit damage.
Strength Upgrade: Increases the damage of Ike’s basic attacks.

###Level 8:
Confidence: Increases Aether’s travel range.
Passion: Aether’s initial sword throw knocks enemies up.

###Level 9:
Boots: Increases Luna’s maximum travel range.
Energy Drop: Increases Luna’s maximum damage.

###Level 10:
Maximum Eruption: Eruption deals much more damage in a huge radius, at the cost of dealing some damage to Ike.
Great Aether: Ike knocks up enemies around him and damages them in the air before activating Eruption as they hit the ground.

Pretty nice…and I apologize, I noticed some snags in using the format after I posted it. I’ll be sure to fix either tomorrow or in a few days.

I’m super bored today so I’mma make another one.

#Hank Hill

Faction: UPR
Background: Once a mild-mannered family man from the planet Arlen, Texas, Hank’s home was taken by the Varelsi during one of his propane sales outings. Determined to get his home back, Hank joined up with the UPR to show those god-damned Varelsi some god-damned manners, I tell you what.

  • Defender
  • Pusher
  • Territorial
  • Complex
  • Talent: Propane and Propane Accessories: Hank wields only the finest in Propane-based weaponry and utility.
  • Weapon: The Grill: Hank’s flamethrower uses the finest propane, as evidenced by the beautiful blue flame it emits. Enemies hit by the flame are set on fire, taking lingering damage for a few seconds.
  • Secondary Attack: The Grill’s burner turns off as it emits a blast of pure propane that knocks enemies back and deflects large projectiles.
  • Melee: Hank kicks the asses of his foes, dealing bonus damage if he hits them from behind.
  • Passive: Clean Burn: Hank is immune to lingering bleed effects, and takes less damage from sources that deal damage over time.
  • Ability 1: Pro Pain: Hank throws a gas tank at a target area. The tank slowly leaks propane, creating an area of effect where enemies take bonus damage to health. If The Grill goes off while inside Pro Pain’s AoE, Pro Pain will also deal damage over time and light enemies on fire.
  • Ability 2: Cold One: Hank cracks open a can of beer and takes a sip, increasing his health regen and damage reduction temporarily
  • Ultimate: Clean Burning Hell: Hank cranks The Grill into overdrive, dealing massive damage in a line in front of him, and setting enemies hit on Fire.

Propane Professional and Propane Addict
Propane Professional is about using the great power of propane responsibly.
Propane Addict is about setting everything on fire.

###Level 1:
Door-to-Door-sales: Hank gains 1 shard for every enemy hit by The Grill while inside of Pro Pain’s AoE.
Violation of Warranty: Hank deals bonus damage while under the effects of Cold One.

###Level 2:
Tight Seal: Increases Pro Pain’s active duration.
Over Capacity: ProPain’s tank explodes if it is hit by The Grill, dealing more damage.

###Level 3:
Strickland Certified: Using The Grill’s secondary blast on allies removes them of any lingering negative effects.
Tampering of Company Hardware: The Grill’s burner no longer turns off during its secondary blast, creating a blast of fire in a wide cone in front of him.

###Level 4:
One For All: Hank shares Cold One’s effects with up to three nearby allies.
All for Hank: Doubles the length of time that Cold One is active.

###Level 5:
Medium-Rare: Hank gains increased health regeneration when he is affected by a Damage over Time effect.
Well Done: Hank deals increased damage while affected by a Damage over Time effect.

###Level 6:
All About the Hops: Hank is hastened while Cold One is active.
Did Not Read the Manual: Increases the damage amplifying effects of Pro Pain. Hank now catches on Fire if he is in Pro Pain’s area of effect.

###Level 7:
Window Shoppers: Enemies set on fire are slowed slightly.
Aggressive Marketing: Hank’s health regeneration increases by 1 for every 2 seconds an enemy unit(s) are on fire, up to +15.

###Level 8:
Campfire: Allies gain an overshield when they walk into the AoE of Pro Pain.
Bonfire: Increases Pro Pain’s Area of Effect.

###Level 9:
Six Pack: Decreases Cold One’s cooldown and duration.
Keg: Increases Cold One’s cooldown and duration.

###Level 10:
Employee of the Year: Clean Burning Hell deals increased damage for every unit it hits.
Mack Daddy of Heimlich County: Clean Burning Hell leaves behind a blazing landscape that sets enemies that walk across it on fire.

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Claps Very good :slight_smile: never expected a Hank Hill addition, but he’s very welcome…might as well try to hurry up the second addition I wanted to add, which instead of Sander Cohen (who’ll appear later) a Jennerit aligned Master Shake will instead.
Also sweet Helix construction :slight_smile:

Edit: Made a couple minor tweaks to the profile.

And now here he is whether you like it or not, Master Shake’s ready to join the Battleborn, and like the greedy little bastard he is, NOT for altruistic reasons at all!

##Master Shake

Faction: Jennerit
Background: Banished to the Battleborn universe by Frylock for being an ass, Shake wound up on Tempest where Rendain captured him and, extremely frustrated by how somehow he couldn’t learn how Shake kept surviving death, used Shake’s natural selfishness and convinced him to join the Battleborn as a spy…wanting to save his skin, Shake agreed. Unfortunately for him, Carl was there and told the Battleborn that Shake was probably a spy, which Ghalt and Deande took advantage of by feeding Shake extremely faulty information, Rendain quickly realized this and demanded Shake be captured to use as a ‘stress relief tool’…now Shake actually fights for the Battleborn in the name of keeping his ass safe, and far away from Rendain.

  • Attacker
  • Ranged
  • Sniper
  • Complex
    -Health:■ □□□□
    -Power: ■ ■ □□
    -Range: ■ ■ ■ ■□
    -Speed: ■ ■ □□□


  • Talent: Weird’s Bastard Son: Master Shake is out of shape to the nth degree, but with some sweating he can actually kick ass for once. :
  • Weapon: Crossbow: Fueled by fire and Shake’s anger, this baby will shoot flaming arrows at your enemies.
  • Secondary Attack: Pistol: Shake pulls out a much smaller short range pistol that does less damage but is good for chipping away shields.
  • Melee: Dragon Hilted Sword: Shake uses his Dragon hilted sword to hack at enemies.
  • Passive: Dancing is Forbidden!: Shake’s arrows produce fire damage that sets any enemy they hit alight…they also have %5 chance of exploding. :
  • Ability 1: : Shake Power Go! Shake splurts out a green substance from his straw that slows down any enemies who run into it, much slower than Marquis can, but he can only release it very close to himself
  • Ability 2: Killing is Scaring:: Shake whips out a chainsaw for a brief time and can deal out great melee damage, at the cost of his crossbow usage for the duration.
  • Ultimate: Burn you with my anger!:. Shake drops his crossbow and starts hurling rocks that blow up in your face

Don Shake and Lazy Cup
Don Shake is about making Shake more deadly for closer battlefield fighting.
Lazy Cup is mostly about helping Shake deal damage with stuff that doesn’t involve running around so much.

###Level 1:
M.I.A. Joe : Shake’s crossbow gains a slight damage boost
Tax evasion: Shake gains more shards when breaking them up.

###Level 2:
Free Brain Surgery: Shake’s crossbow deals increased critical hit damage.
Blood feast island: Killing is Scaring duration increases by four seconds.

###Level 3:
This I Command: Shake Power Go! Gives a speed boost to allies and Shake himself, because none of them want to stay in it for long.
I will heal him…with my healing stick! : Crossbow range increased by a quarter.

###Level 4:
You looking to expand your business?: The fire on Shake’s arrows stays on a little longer.
Powers, I have them: Shake’s skills cooldown decreases by %10.

###Level 5:
Pistachio mortar: Shake Powers Go! Casting range increased.
Couch potato: Shake gains a %10 damage intake reduction…if he’s not walking/running.

###Level 6:
Mic Rulah!: Burn you with my Anger gains an incendiary damage bonus.
Come here bitch, please: Shake’s crossbow gains a %15 percent damage increase at close range.

###Level 7:
Right of way: Shake movement speed gains a %15 percent increase.
Enchiaditos Connoisseur: Shake gains 250 health.

###Level 8:
Willie Nelson: Killing is Scaring will give you health returned for every enemy you kill.
Flash fry this mother!: Shake Powers Go! Can now be lit on fire with the Crossbow.

###Level 9:
The Price of doing business: Shake loses 100 health but a %15 percent speed bonus.
Sweet Nector!: Shake Powers Go! Can heal Shake and allies when going into it.

###Level 10:
Shake Zulah!: Killing is Scaring can now allow Shake to just hurl the chainsaw at enemies, dealing triple damage but ends the ability instantly and is harder to aim.
Drop the Album: Shake can hurl additional rocks in Burn You With my Anger, provided he manages to kill something, the first kill is worth two additional rocks with just one rock for each subsequent kill, up to ten rocks can be thrown.

And behold! Now we have a badass Shake!..Would like to think up some taunts for him, sometime later though.

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I asked my friends what character I should make into a Battleborn. This is the result.

#Willy Wonka

Faction: LLC
Background: Of the LLC’s numerous flagships, none of them are more mysterious and wondrous than that of William C. Wonka, the Candyman. Some say that he can make a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew, and add naught but a bit of chocolate and a miracle or two to create heaven. Some say he laces his candy with drugs to make them addictive as well as satisfying and delicious. Others say he is a supernatural being with the power to incite feelings of magical ecstasy.

In truth, all Wonka does is mix his candy with love, and all he wants is to make the universe taste good.

  • Support
  • Healer
  • Territorial
  • Complex
  • Talent: Candyman: Wonka helps his team with delicious candy, and holds his own on the battlefield with an edible armada - You can even eat the shells!
  • Weapon: Sweet Magnum: Wonka’s custom classy 6-shot hand cannon shoots fairly powerful suckers, but has a slow fire rate and reload speed.
  • Secondary Attack: Wonka uses up all of the remaining ammo in his Sweet Magnum to spread sweet candies for his teammates to pick up and be healed by.
  • Melee: Wonka whacks the enemy with his cane. Not very damaging, but very embarrassing.
  • Passive: Imagination: Wonka’s cooldowns all decrease by 1 whenever he heals an allied Battleborn.
  • Ability 1: Choco-Shot: Wonka loads his Sweet Magnum with a chocolate bullet. On hit, the bullet explodes into liquid chocolate that damages enemies and heals allies in a radius.
  • Ability 2: Cherry Rope: Wonka lashes out a rope of sweet red licorice and whips it upwards. Enemies hit by the rope are knocked up and towards Wonka.
  • Ultimate: Wonkavator: Wonka hails his magical elevator and steps inside. The Elevator stays on the ground for up to 10 seconds, accepting allied players as passengers before taking flight. While flying, Wonka can control the Wonkavator and land at will, or automatically after 12 seconds.

Entrepreneur and Artist
Entrepreneur is based around logistics and expanding Wonka’s business.
Artist is based around the quality and craft of Wonka’s candy.

###Level 1:
With Almonds: Choco-shot knocks enemies back.
Nerd Rope: After using Cherry Rope, Wonka drops a line of candies in front of him.

###Level 2:
2-for-1 Sale: Adds a second charge to Choco-Shot.
Aftertaste: The unit hit by Choco-Shot leaves behind a trail of chocolate as they move, slowing enemies and giving health regeneration to allies.

###Level 3:
Crunchy Shell, Chewy Center: Shots fired by Wonka’s Sweet Magnum leave behind candies if he hits an enemy with them.
Everlasting Gobstopper: Wonka’s candies stay on the ground longer, and can no longer be destroyed by enemies.

###Level 4:
Hooked on Sweets: Increases the distance enemies are knocked towards Wonka when hit by Cherry Rope.
Melt in your Mouth: Cherry Rope now stuns enemies it hits rather than knock them toward you.

###Level 5:
Consumer Feedback: Imagination also causes Wonka’s next reload to be twice as fast.
Sugar Rush: Imagination also temporarily increases Wonka’s movement speed.

###Level 6:
Family Size: Increases the length of Cherry Rope
Bold Flavor: Increases the damage and healing of Choco-Shot

###Level 7:
High Supply: Decreases the base cooldown of Cherry Rope
High Demand: Increases the damage of Cherry Rope

###Level 8:
Party Size: Increases Wonka’s chamber size to 8
Fizzy Lifting: Allies healed by Wonka’s candies gain increased movement speed and jump height

###Level 9:
Wonderball: Choco-Shot explodes into candies if it hits an enemy.
Hot Chocolate: Enemies hit by Choco-Shot take additional damage over time.

###Level 10:
Xploder: Wonkavator deals damage to enemies around it upon arrival and landing.
Golden Ticket: Allies inside of the Wonkavator gain rapid health and shield regeneration.

Willy Wonka? Brilliant! Once again you arranged the Helix pretty well, and gave him pretty fitting abilities. Bravo :slight_smile:
Out of curiosity, do you suppose some of the adaptions we made should have taunts or something like that? I noticed one guy in the Create Your Own Battleborn forum was doing that with some characters.

Making taunts? Well, this is all just for fun, so making Taunts and Quotes and stuff wouldn’t be out of bounds.

And as for the Helix, I look at the helixes of similar existing battleborn on the Battleborn Website. There’s a theme with most of them. 1st Helix is always a choice between upgrading Skill 1 or Skill 2, Level 3 usually upgrades your primary/Secondary attacks, Level 5 always upgrades your passive, and Level 10 Always upgrades your ultimate.

Indeed…must remember that when writing out Cohen’s profile, and the other three I came up with.

Whoops…you know, I probably should have realized that before I started ^^; still though, I’m kinda fond of the Helixes I designed, so those two will stay, I’ll just try to remember this for when I can continue the others.
Incidentally, what gave you the idea to make Hank Hill’s profile?

I… forget.

I just really like King of the Hill.
There’s also the Crazy Boris LoL video that gave me some inspiration.

I could see some crossover in the form of new skins and some voice acting. Kleese could be replaced by Rick Sanchez. Shayne and Aurox could be Morty and Morty Jr. Oscar mike and Whiskey Foxtrot could be different Mr. Meseeks. Orendi could be Scary Terry. The obvious Bird-Person as Benedict. I could also picture Aberdolf Lincler as Marquis. That is just a few based on Rick and Morty. There could be some other themed skins based on other mythologies.

Huh, I see…might want to check the video out sometime.
And out of curiosity, what did you think of my renditions of Shake and Carl?