Crossover ideas!

Since Zelda and Dynasty warriors mashed up and wasn’t such a horrible game, just wanted to know what you all would want to see in a crossover, not even in a full game, just if the subject matter or situation was appropriate for another say… Mordecai and Brick drinks and talking to Shepherd from Mass Effect, it’s spaced based and interstellar travel could be possible so why not!

But Mass Effect is set in our galaxy, that’s the whole premise: Humanity found a Mass Relay beyond Pluto that allowed galactic exploration.

But anyway since I wandered into this topic by accident I might as well put in some input:

Borderlands and Ratchet and Clank have a fair bit in common, both sci-fi and with a focus on a large arsenal of varied guns. And both have mega corporations who make/control everything.

Hyperion vs Megacorp would be cool.

But as a rule I hate crossovers, and I can’t imagine a Borderlands crossover being anything but abysmal.

A spin-off however could be excellent, a RTS could work, and I’ve always wanted a single-player tradition Borderlands game so they could implement all the ideas that were impossible due to co-op.

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@mr_sandman well I apologize, didn’t know that, haven’t played it before to be honest and got my info from seemingly now unreliable sources lol. But I did love ratchet and clank, even made mention to my missus about the mechromancer and DT being kinda similar. But thanks for clearing that up for me.

Eh it’s not a big deal, for all we know Borderlabds is set in our galaxy, it’s pretty big.

Mechromancer and DT? The only DT I know is Deathtrap and that makes that sentence quite redundant. The wording seems like it should be an R&C thing, but I can’t think of any DT’s from any of the games.

Drek? His mech looks like Deathtrap, kinda

EDIT: reading compression -1/10. I get it now Gaige and DT are similar to Ratchet and Clank because they are both inventors/whatever with a robot pal.

I meant Deathtrap, just call him DT cause of the blasted holodome from tps got stuck in my head. But the partnership between living being and robot, R&C and Gaige and Deathtrap just was similar. Crossover could be R&C go up against Hyperion and seeing models like Clank all Hyperion styled and armed.

See my edit, I made a dumb.

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I need some crazy FPS RPG Nazi killing…Furious 4 maybe? :smiley:
Anyways, I love both Borderlands and Wolfenstein series, so this kind of game would blew my mind!

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“Fuhrerious 4”

But actually a Wolfenstein game in the style of Borderlands would be excellent, open world (kinda), skill trees, procedurally generated guns.

I actually lick this idea.