Crossplay voice chat PS5-PC

Crossplay voice chat (PC-PS5, in our case) is STILL not working. You FINALLY get PlayStation included in crossplay, and the voice chat doesn’t work?! And then, when you open a ticket about the problem, you’re told to clear your cache! PC to PC works fine. PlayStation to PlayStation works fine. It is very clearly not a cache problem! Could somebody over there stop blaming us and fix the game? Or, at the very least, acknowledge the problem and give us an ETA on the fix?


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, my friend, but Gearbox is adrift on the ocean of complaints surrounding TTWL. Moreover, they just don’t care about in-game communications on an older title when Discord has made other means of chat “obsolete.”

Every aspect of crossplay has been a struggle for the series. I think that’s just a reality we’re all going to have to deal with, unfortunately. :confused: