Crossplay?! When is it?

Where is the crossplay?

And don’t come with that ■■■■■■■■ of it’s crossplay between Steam and Epic Games. CAUSE THAT IS NOT CROSSPLAY!!!

The definition of crossplay is “the ability of using different video game hardware to play with each other simultaneously.” With the emphasis on different video game hardware.

So when? Everywhere there was publicity on crossplay, and you just need a Shift account. Now there is a LAN party and we can’t play together?!


I just want juicy PC loot because farming in this game is horrendous on console. Between RNGesus and load times that have birthdays it’s just not fun to me anymore tbh :confused:


That’s the only crossplay that has been explicitly promised.

The official stance of actual pc-to-console crossplay is and has so far always been “We’ll look into it and we’d love to do it, but no promises”.

So I heard a rumor that it’s possible in one direction (PC to console) with a slew of conditions, and I’ve been itching to try it. I’m on PC with the sender’s conditions set, so if there’s a console user (Xbox or PS4 apparently), I’m down to try. Here’s what you need:

  • A PC on which the Epic games launcher is installed (with a profile and all that - no need to have the game, just install the Epic games launcher, set up an Epic profile, and get linked as friends). It’s also apparently important to have the login options set to not remember your name at login (which seems weird, but let’s see if this works before experimenting).

  • An account with 2K games (at

  • A SHiFT account (which you should have if you’re chatting on here). In this SHiFT account, you need to have your new Epic account, your 2K account, and whatever console account you’re on linked (here’s mine on the PC side). Presumably we should be friends in SHiFT too. I don’t think your accounts need to be linked on the 2K side, but let’s see if this works first.

With all these set, I (on PC) can apparently mail gear to you (on console), but not the other way. If someone’s down to try, let me know when you’ve sold your soul to this social gaming industrial complex and have all these linkages set up, and I’ll try to mail you something. (I’m also pretty sure we won’t be able to play together, but gear sharing is a start).

I’m down for it if the next step would letting console users play each other,then I’d be able to play with the Xbox crowd or people on the Switch

Well im on pc i dont get it i also have access to console versions but bleh at home in my laptop is easiest.

Why and who cares? Game will still be boring. Do not group with randoms in a game like borderlands anyway if you want to play legit. Not to mention they haven’t fixed the problems with multiplayer in its current form doing something like cross platform would be WAY beyond their skills. Still cant even play multiplayer on ps4pro in resolution mode without crashing all the time.

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Ok, I’m Adabiviak in the Epic system for the friend add when you get there. Whenever you get these all dialed in, let me know. I’ll accept your friend request, look for you in in-game SHiFT, and see if I can’t mail you something.

iirc they never said there would be crossplay (between pc and console and both consoles)

i think the only game to pull this off is Portal 2 (or at least ones i played myself) and i remember valve devs saying this wasn’t an easy thing to actualy do.

if one day GBX manages to pull it off, i’m all for it… but for now, let them focus on actualy fixing everything left to be fixed (that will probably take an other year or so)

they allways said crossplay was between steam and EGS. never did they say it would work between console and pc

Being able to mail items is neat and all but what about just transfer saves. I understand cross-play is difficult and companies like epic, sony, and Microsoft can make it difficult. So give us Cross-Saves at least seems easy enough.

I’m not even sure if this contraption works for mailing: it’s pure curiosity just to see if this works, other Crossplay issues notwithstanding. If anyone’s down to see if this one-way mail system works, the steps are outlined above. Reply to me, send a DM, whatever so I know whom to look for.

The only barriers to crossplay are Sony and Microsoft.

The sooner gamers take it to them and not devs/publishers the better. Because devs n publishers cant do ■■■■


Actually Square-enix been doing cross platform for almost 20 years. Final fantasy 11 and 14 both cross platform. GBX cant do it because they don’t want too because SE has proven it isn’t cost effective it does not drive enough sales to be worth the effort.


lets have some real cross play. how can in the hell did they think steam and epic players on PC was crossplay in any form is insane!!

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cross play should been done in first idea, as of now cross play feels to late i think.

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