Crossplay with friends is unplayable because of lag and rubberbanding

I played the games main story through with a friend when it came out, but now when we play in a 4 man multiplayer with 2 steam friends the lag is terrible. My shots are 0.5-2 seconds behind and sometimes I teleport randomly. driving cars and being on the passenger seat is so laggy that shooting anything is impossible.

Does anyone have a fix for this? might it be the servers being laggy because of the steam launch?

anybody else having these issues?


Absolutely same situation, I’m on Epic, 3 friends on Steam, laggy as hell. Need to be fixed urgently, playing almost impossible.

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y me too. is crossplay supposed to be laggy? i mean in any other game?

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There’s usually a plentiful amount of hiccups when big changes like this happens. I agree, it is dreadful. I bought the steam version for my buddy because he refused to play on epic, and now I refuse to play with him until it’s fixed xD

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Completely unplayable multiplayer for me since the cross play thing got enabled. Tried having my friend (also on epic) join in my game to see if that made it better and he can’t even connect…

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Same here, 2 of us Epic the other 2 Steam. If the Steam players play together they are fine and same with the Epic players. When we play together its completely unplayable from lag no matter who is hosting.

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Hmmm, so what I hear everyone saying is that so far Mr Sweeney (Epic) statement in a tweet (paraphrasing)
“Of course all PC players can play together”
is not currently a true statement.
Since the only way Epic & Steam can see each other is through SHiFT, Gearbox has now assumed full responsibility for fixing this.

Does anyone know where we submit support tickets for SHiFT?
Edit: found this on the SHiFT site

steam and epic on pc, same problem, any chance?