I recently purchased Borderlands 3 on STEAM to play with my friend who’s on XBOX SERIES X.
We both have optical fiber and have 0 issues with our connection on others games, but in Borderlands 3 the game is literally unplayable, with multiple desyncs, delays, lags…
When he hosts he doesn’t have any problems (except some mini-freezes), but the game is completely laggy on my side. The same thing is happening to him when I’m the host.

It’s 2021, a big company like gearbox, who already made two games should do better than that, you guys are a shame to the gaming industry.

People had to wait more than one year to get cross-platform, and this Is how you deliver ???


same issue here, hope there will be some info on this soon, waited to long to play with my friends.


Yeah my girlfriend and I are having the exact same issues here, hoping it’s resolve soon!


My goodness, it’s almost like Gbx doesn’t test before release. :grinning:


Any updates from the billionaire company ??

We played again today, my buddy was the host; the game was barely playable at the beginning then went utter garbage on my side after one hour(lags, delays, etc). My buddy had multiple freezes too on his XBOX series X

Absolutely the same situation. Really looking forward to fixing or instructions on how to fix it

same issue here
bought the game solely for that feature

Yup, same problem here. Tested to disable Firewall and Nod32. Running Open NAT. No dice. Can barely even join each other, and when we do it’s out of sync and lag from the start. Connection icon shows immediately. Have no problems with my internet or playing multiplayer with any other game, not even crossplay to Xbox in other games.

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We tried to play today again with my friend, again, unplayable on my side when he host
Wont play and will talk ■■■■ to ppl about the game until you fix it.

Any updates ??? do someone of the gearbox staff look at the forum ???

Not really, youd be lucky to get a “we’re aware of this issue and are looking into it” from here. Best to submit a ticket with support (though I’m sure plenty have already). Hope this get fixed soon for everyone

updates ???

Same problem for me, but my friends had less of a problem in the morning :thinking:

Oops deleted the first post. We have tested everything me and my partner. We have changed settings and tried new shift accounts even guest ones. We have problems late at night able to connect in the afternoon. But from what I am seeing it may be server overload. Or the servers can’t handle it.


updates ?.?

It is insane no one else is having issues like we are. I keep checking the normal channels.

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Same unplayable cross play between Xbox and pc


just look at the topic : a lot of people are having issues.

Started playing a few days ago with my friend which is on XBOX while I am on Steam and the lag is ridiculous. It is unplayable at this point. Any updates about it?