Crossroads vs Cutsman (other comparisons too)

My Bank is getting extremely crowded now, I was wondering what some of the other Vault Hunter’s general consensus was on certain items. Feel free to drop an opinion on any of the folllowing, roast, point out obvious facts, etc.

-Crossroads versus Cutsman… I have acquired a few of various elements apiece, and i have tried them in the field. I know situationally one can be better than the other (assuming same element). So far I’ve managed to get electric in both of these, radiation, and they seem to perform similarly in some situations. Both suffer a bit of accuracy but Crossroads seems easier to hip-fire while Cutsman seems to perform better with spread out mobs. Any suggestions as to which element to keep on which?

-Hellfire vs (Fire) Sleeping Giant. On the fence.

Beckah vsLead Sprinkler vs Shreddifier vs. Star Helix… Assume these are all non-elemental

Rowan’s Call vs Luciens Echo

Butcher vs Flakker- both seem… Okay but i have non elemental Flakkers never with an item score over. 516 and Frozen and Electric Butcher. Meh?

May add more as the Bank swells like an angry cobra gamer

Just make some mules. Bank space update is coming soon, but I don’t know how much it’s going to help. If you don’t feel like using mules, I’d recommend asking yourself if there’d be a situation where you’d use that weapon and if it’s an upgrade over what you currently have, then selling the ones you won’t use. That’s what I do when I need to make room, despite using mules.

I’ll comment on the Crossroad and the Cutsman. I think both are worth keeping. They are still very good even after the nerfs. Crossroads is easier to use, but Cutsman has greater damage potential. If you hit the enemy with the tip of the projectile, where the orb and the beam meet, it’ll do a lot of damage. It’s also very useful against bosses, especially ones with a lot of hitboxes. Cutsman’s weaknesses are melee ranged enemies and its projectile speed, but that can be solved by know the enemy’s AI pattern.

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This is actually the exact sort of analysis i was looking for. I have tested these myself was just hoping for some in depth feedback.

I’ve got Moze to lvl 10 so far is there any way to send other toons money other than the Lost n Found box?

Which platform are you on? I’m on PC, so all I have to do is copy/paste a level 50 and rename the save file. I also have some level 10 and I just keep my eye on annointed rocket launchers to let them vendor. They can sometimes sell for 100k. I’m not familiar with the console method, but it’s somewhere on the forum.

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I’d keep crossroads and cutsman. I have plenty of legendaries I just don’t like too much and sell. I move a lot and the slowness of torque weapons for example don’t jive with me.

My fire crossroads is something I basically haven’t taken out of my 4 since I got it.

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I’m on PS4. Thanks for the observations. I have actually managed to clear out a lot of the lesser Legendaries by rigorous field testing with various Mayhem modifiers, and have distributed the “must keeps” reasonably between 3 toons. Still curious for anyone’s input though