Crouch Potato, Prestige, and You!

So after looking at the list of challenges left, I decided to work on Crouch Potato, at least up until level 3. But you know, this got me wondering about several things.

  1. Why does this challenge even exist (aside from the clever name)? In a game all about being airborne you toss in a challenge where you’re not only supposed to stay on the ground, but be crouched? And yes, I know this challenge existed in BL2.

  2. However, this got me to thinking. I think most of us can agree that assault rifles kind of got the shaft, if only for that poor critical hit modifier. But, what if assault rifles gained something like bonus accuracy while being crouched? Would be neat ey.

  3. Holy crap Gearbox, after actually being able to prestige once, did you even look at how ridiculous some of those challenges were? I know, being able to prestige is not supposed to be easy, but there was more than a handful of challenges that outright baffled me.

Kill 5,000 enemies with a sniper rifle. You mean weapons that don’t typically have high rates of fire, and tend to rely on critical hits? Look at the challenge for the other weapons, most of em stop at 2,000 enemies.

Assault rifles got the shaft again with the challenges. Tier 1 for second winds with the varying weapons usually only requires 2 kills. Assault rifles takes 5 (and I think pistols took 5 too but pistols are easier).

Shuggaraths. An enemy that only exists in 1 area in the whole game. And you want me to kill it 750 times? If I remember correctly, about 12-15 Shuggaraths will spawn in Triton Flats. And that’s assuming you comb over the entire map. I feel 500 would have been a lot more reasonable. Also, look at the Not So Tough Now challenge. Tier 5 is to kill 300. And guardians spawn in multiple areas, en mass.

Hand of God. The rocket launcher challenge to get so many kills from long range. Granted, certain types of launchers would be better for this, but once again to see just how insane this challenge is, look at Tier 1. 25 kills, with a weapon who’s ammunition really isn’t worth paying for. And that’s assuming you actually CAN hit what you’re aiming for at long distance.

I Can Do This Alone. Has anyone gotten this challenge legitimately? By that I mean you didn’t bring in someone 20 levels (or more) higher to sweep the area for you.

Martial Marshall. This might just be me, since I rarely use melee. But holy crap, unless you’re focused on melee, that is just way too many enemies. Depending on what tier you are on, you could go an entire playthrough and barely have enough to move to the next tier.

I’m sure there’s others I forgot. What do you think about my assault rifle idea? Am I completely nuts on some of these challenges, or did they frustrate you too? And yes, I know you basically get to pick and choose which challenges to do, but it’d be great if there weren’t so many that were that irritating.


I did the couched AR challenge to level 5 on Gaige in BL2…

Never. Again.

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Me too. It sucked!

You do realize the are called ‘challenges’ right? If it was easy it would not be a ‘challenge’. I work on the ones that reward heads and skins since I gotta catch them all, but it’s not like not completing them will not progress the story.

Crouch Potato gets so much hate. I don’t think it is that bad.

Hand of god is so much worse imo.

A lot of kill enemies challenges are just way too high too.

You obviously didn’t read the entire post as I mentioned that. I’m just pointing out the ones that are just outright ridiculous.

Crouch potato honestly wasn’t TOO awful. But I do think tier 4 and tier 5 were too high to be reasonable, even as a challenge. Especially considering if you got hit by melee when crouched, you would stand back up again. And during that time I would accidentally shoot and kill whatever just melee’d me. And if there’s a mob of enemies, heh, good luck not getting melee’d while staying crouched.

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Yeah, I agree, but then again, most challenges in TPS have way too high tiers for little reward.
Last I played the game and did crouch potato it didn’t cancel my crouching when I got hit, but it was irritating the other times when it did.

Really? Game must just hate me then >_<

Great post, OP. You go a long way in explaining why I don’t even try to prestige. (The rest of the way is: I don’t play co-op.) I don’t spend a single moonstone on RL ammo upgrades. I just don’t use the things. I’m sure there are places where I could force myself to use a certain RL, and get decent results. But I just don’t care for them at all. (Brick in BL1 is the exception, with the right build and gear.)

I’m not big on sniper rifles either, and those challenges often go nowhere beyond a level or two. ARs suck as a rule since BL2 (which is a crying shame). But at least in BL2 we had a few really good ones, like the Ogre and the Seeker. In TPS, I avoid them completely. Those challenges go nowhere after the first few levels of a new toon using whatever whites and greens he can scrounge up.

I know I suggested getting not an accuracy boost, but a stability boost while crouching, on the old BL2 forums. I wonder where that thread went.

Since GBX finds it funny to have us crouch to get so many kills for this AR challenge, the least they could done was give us a critical hit bonus. Stability should have been a feature with any gun while crouched.

have a friend that was trying to max out the “Daily Grind” Challenge. He finished Level 4 but when he saw what it would take to finish Level 5, (25,000 grinds) he said screw it

I maxed Crouch Potato Challenge by using the capture a Guardian Wraith Mission. It’s very good for maxing out most all of the Guns and Grenades BA challenges, also completes several other challenges as well, but yeah some of the Level amounts are just ridiculous

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TOTALLY agree…ANY gun fired while couching should add 50% to its stability… It’s just a common sense thing and would have been easy coding I think.

If Crouched…than +50%

I…actually completely forgot about that. Or I did it on both normal and TVHM and didn’t feel it would still be worth it on UVHM. Either way, doh, that probably would have saved me a few hours.

Also, someone explain to me the difference between accuracy and stability? Does stability reduce recoil? If so, I think accuracy would still be more useful. If you can, play as Aurelia, get 150 stacks of Duchess (100 isn’t enough) and then go find a Jackobs weapon with mass recoil. Empty it’s magazine as fast as you can and notice where the reticle ends up and how quickly it returns to normal with high accuracy.

Crouch potato is not too bad when coupled with guardian hunter since you can stay crouched and not move…

Accuracy has to do with the variance of spread within the reticle. The higher the accuracy the greater the pinpoint of the reticle. As you hold down the trigger you will notice the target reticle expand (contract if Hyperion cuz logic). This is described as moving from AccuracyMin to AccuracyMax. The more accurate the weapon, the tighter your grouping will be.

Stability reduces recoil and AccuracyMax. In other words, when you are holding down the trigger the bullet spread will be tighter. With Hyperion, it actually results in a faster contraction of the reticle to AccuracyMin (again cuz logic).

I’m still not getting the difference but everyone else seems to agree that stability would be better than accuracy, so I’m assuming they understand it better than I do and that stability would be better.

Stability is largely compensated for with the right stock. The accessory makes it supremely easy to use which is one reason why I like it. But I mostly favor accuracy over stability accessory. It helps in other ways too, e.g., tighter spread or faster bullet speed.

my friend was so upset when she hit lvl 5 of daily grind and im glad you brought it up cuz i was gonna. i dont know where they got some of these numbers and as the OP mentions they threw consistency out the damn window.

just get to level70 and do another story in normal mode with that specific weapon only.