Crouching instead of sliding while sprinting?

This could be in wrong forums, but just curious if anyone else had this issue. I will sprint and then hit my crouch button to slide but it will only slide about 50% of the time, the other 50% of the time it just stops sprinting and crouches. Its very frustrating.

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What platform?

Do you have crouch set to toggle or hold?

Bonus question: Do you have a rapid fire option for your controller that you’ve forgotten about?

I was gonna say you maybe just got cryo’d but with it happening 50% of the time probably not.

If you have a lower framerate going it might stutter you slower than the minimum speed at that moment.

Happen more during battles or large explosions or such?

its most likely your accessibility toggle options i believe.

there is a tiny window where if you try to slide while sprinting youll crouch. im not sure what triggers it but i do notice it when im playing. my crouch is set to hold btw

Something may be bugged cause sometimes my character will slide till the end even if I don’t want to (I’m using hold option).

yup. It happens to me all the time. It is rather infuriating