Crouching tiger hidden assault rifle

what is the best map /most efficient way to farm kills for crouching tiger hidden assault rifle and other challenges. im working on unlocking the last few skins from challenges on a couple charafrers

Tier 3 Bar Room Brawl or the badass round of Murderlin’s Temple using a high level character in TVHM would be my first choices.

Sawtooth Cauldron on easy mode ( normal or true)

works very good on completing a lot of the BAR Challenges, I normally use Tier 3 Bar Room Brawl as its a few less seconds time between activating the rounds,

but Badass round Murderlins has I believe a larger mob per round
and they are not trying to kill each other, just you :wink:

thanks guys

Vault of the warrior, kill Rakks…

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With such a large number of kills to get done, I try and combine it with other ‘grindy’ tasks, which makes it seem less futile than sitting in the same place with my finger held down. I go to Pete’s Bar, but only if I’m actually looking for tokens to spend. I recall that I did CTHA at the same time as hunting for rare stalker mob skins, and I did it in the Preserve, so with loot opportunities that are also usually too grindy for me to farm on their own.

I don’t know what options console has for key rebinding (or even if that’s a problem) but on PC I bound crouch to right click to make it easier. Unforunately it still has to be held down.

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