Crowd Pleaser or Development

So I got glitch versions of both guns from The Claptastic Voyage and I’m wondering which one should I use. The Crowd Pleaser has more overall base damage than the Development but the Development boasts a bigger mag, lower reload time, and faster fire rate. Just wondering which one I should go with for more dps?

Depends, which character/build are you using it on?

Athena and Jack right now. I’m going with Bahroo’s celestial gladiator build on Athena and the Ceo of all Ceo build for Jack, this one in particular,auto

The long and the short of for Hyperion Shotguns, ESPECIALLY when you have some form of Ammo Mitigation, is that Fire Rate > Damage. When you don’t have to worry as much about the long hyperion reloads you dont care whether or not youre getting the most bang for your buck, so to speak.

For Athena you want to maximize pellets/s if youre going with Maelstrom and that sluggish FR (and accuracy to a certain degree) characteristic of Old Hyperion gear makes it less than savoury for large scale stacking for say boss fights. However, if you already have stacks built up to a ludicrous degree such that Unrelenting negates the difference in FR, I could see the CP taking over. Similar story for Jack, but with jack at least you “can” tailor your sponsorship to make up for lacking categories of any weapon, so its easier to recommend any weapon for him.

Another thing to note is that (on console at the very least) I believe there is a bug in the loot system that makes it so Old Hyperion weaponry cannot spawn with the CV Glitched Material properly. (They can spawn in, but their stats are identical to the new Hyperion variants, so there is no way afaik to get Glitched Crowd Pleasers [unless the recent patch fixed it of course], which is a HUGE downside when comparing to the Dev, not only for the glitch effects but the extended mag size that allows them to squeeze out a couple more shots before reloading [Especially important for when you have chances to not consume ammo])

Hope that helps.

You really can’t beat Development for DPS, especially if you’re using jack.

Quads and Flayer for me does more DPS on Jack, more damage,more crit (type B), more fire rate.

Only if your FR is in a state where the Difference between a Development and a CP are at the same FR Cap (depending on whether you’re on console or PC). If they are, then the CP is better for DPS provided all pellets hit.