Crowdfunding a new VH

Just throwing it out there since GB says people don’t play DLC Vault hunters. What would it take to crowdfund a single new vault hunter?

  • Yes, I would pay to fund a new VH!
  • No, I don’t like new fun…

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I don’t want new vault hunters since they can barely keep up with the current roster. Hell I don’t even want new skills trees because we still have buggy and lackluster skills that need fixing.


Although I agree with this sentiment, I still very much enjoy the initial non-mayhem play through. A new vault hunter would provide me with hours of new experiences in a franchise that I truly enjoy.

What can I say… I find myself in the minority.

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I would honestly pay the price of a whole new game to have Krieg ported to the Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 3

I vote for option 3:

“I refuse to participate in obviously biased polls”.

I think your “I don’t like new fun” option really applies to those who won’t even give the new skill trees for existing VH’s idea a chance (not that those are 100% confirmed).

I think you are misquoting here. They said most people played 1 character in BL2 and didn’t play much past L30, not specifically that DLC characters weren’t played. Those of us that do stick around and play the game more, yeah, we are much more likely to play the DLC characters.


Ok - i admit the bias wording but the premise is the same.

Would I donate for more content or not…

If I reworded the poll would it change opinions?

that is just no possible weather you pay or not

What a biased poll…

A new VH? Yes…PAYING for a new VH? Nah I’m good

When this was first announced there was a number of threads asking about the possibility.
They stated their numbers showed that there wasn’t enough interest, overall, in new Vault Hunters.

As such I ran this poll.
Bearing in mind more people play the games than on here, or on reddit or other gaming forums.
The sample of the above poll will obviously be swayed by those who enjoyed the game enough to join the forum.

I’ve always hoped Gearbox would change their minds, I knew it was so unlikely as to be nigh-on impossible, but I still ran that poll to sate my curiosity.

Personally, I’d drop £10 (what each Vault Hunter would’ve previously cost if I’m not mistaken, I bought the edition of Bl2 with the Gaige code, and had the season pass for TPS) on a new Vault Hunter easily, I’d have to be entirely convinced I was going to enjoy a new Vault Hunter to drop more than that.
After all you’ve got the design, development, any VA lines and so on for a new Vault Hunter, and that’s not a cheap thing to do.
Do I think enough of the community would do the same to make it financially viable, nowadays, probably not.

Am I disappointed we’re not going to see new Vault Hunters, of course I am. Gaige and Kreig were the best of Bl2 in my opinion, I didn’t greatly care for the launch lineup. Doppelganger Jack (Timothy) and Aurelia were excellent in TPS, I liked all but Fragtrap in that launch lineup.


If their previous DLC characters (Gaige, Krieg, Timothy, and Aurelia) sold well enough, it shouldn’t be an issue to make more for BL3. If none of them had the numbers to justify the development time, I get why they’d skip it.

I want to say that I’d buy one, but it really depends on the skills. I’ve loved them all, and would go so far as to say I’d main with any of them with the exception of Krieg (through no fault of the character’s - just not my cup of tea). That said, I did buy Krieg to give him a spin.

I typically buy all the DLC characters since I usually play all Vault Hunters at least a bit, but I honestly don’t know if I’d do the same this time. Part of it has to do with them being really slow to fix character specific bugs, and if it rattles me on the 1 character I play (FL4K, though I’d imagine the other characters also have long term bugs that haven’t been fixed yet) then having it on a new character I paid for would be beyond infuriating.

100% yes … in theory. I play all VHs pretty much evenly and multiples of some. I’ve done this in all 4 instalments.

On the other hand - 11 months into BL3 and all 4 VHs still have broken or bugged skills and are still being ‘balanced’ up and down. And up and down. And up and …

Also I’m not sure if I believe there’s enough spark of creativity left in GB to make an interesting new character. Most of what we have now is copied or heavily influenced by past VHs. It’s all either pets/summons or one off damage nukes for action skills.

I read a Forbes article earlier that claimed to have leaked info about 4th skill trees and if any of it is true - I’m not impressed.


Oooooh that spark of creativity jab…

As someone in the professional marketing world that comment is as much a challenge as it is truth!

Ouch, haha…

But, yes - I would be so happy to celebrate the creative success of Gb with something unique to the franchise.

Ugh - i had to edit/add the fact that Krieg felt innovative and fun to explore. But - I am sure that artists and designers can come up with a unique badass that fits in the lore/franchise… I have faith.

I would like new characters, I would pay for them as DLC, but I wouldn’t engage in crowdfunding.


I should’ve added that as a third option…

i have already contributed 2 vault hunter concepts with full skilltrees to gearbox via 2k support :smiley:
you would like them :wink:

Perfect world scenario: Hell yes!

Realistically: No, the 4 VHs we already have still feel like a WiP. I doubt if they introduced a new VH it would be in a good state.