Crow's Highlight Reels

Just finished making a 3rd highlight reel for Battleborn versus, thought I’d just post it here along with my previous two, because why not? :no_mouth:

###Various Versus Highlights

###Various Shenanigan Highlights

###Various Versus Highlights #2

###Carious Versus Highlights #3

Have made a few highlight reels for Destiny before which has been a lot easier than doing it for Battleborn as it’s easier and more common to get nice kills/moments. Not to mention the high time-to-kill which makes you able to keep the pace up in the video which isn’t the case in Battleborn, so if anyone could give some tips on how to counter that I’d be grateful!

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Please make more. <3

These are too good. :joy_cat:

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Made another one now for sh*ts and giggles. At least there’s new music that I’ve never used before (even though it’s still bad, but still).


1:20 I remember that very moment.

There I was thinking “I’ll jump in this Deande ult to share the damage”… And you got out the damn way :stuck_out_tongue:

Great clips :slight_smile: