Crying time, but good for your Friends and Gearbox

The second Battleborn day is past and today Amazon, among other sources, dropped the price bigtime.

PC - $6.99
Xbone - $8.78
PS4 - $14.99

Season Pass - $5.99

Digital Deluxe - $9.99

I hope it brings in more people… :cry:

Otherwise Battleborn will soon be this slinky, and i’ll be Zoidberg:



6 dollar season pass! :sunglasses:

EDIT - i cant find it - where it at homie?

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Why aren’t millions of people hopping on this?

shakes fist and yells Kirk Star Trek 2 style



I happened to notice that 2K were having a sale of their titles on XB1 today also. They wanted ~$20 through the XB1 store iirc.

To be flipping honest, the steep price drop is part of the reason I don’t feel that spending 85 Euro’s on the game is well spend. Even if I had fun with the game.

In comparison, I bought this game 2/3 months after BB, on release, and judging how little it dropped (was 40 euro’s on release). I have spend less time on that, but since the price stays well within the margin i don’t feel like I’ve wasted it. Which is unfortunate in regards to Battleborn.

I spent USD$75 on the Digital Deluxe and I must say I’ve gotten my money’s worth and more. I’d pay it again honestly lol


I’ve currently (including multiple Platinum purchases) spent 310 CANADIAN dollars (we don’t just use Monopoly money up here, guys, although it is colourful) and I will happily spend more of my monies on it!

This game needs our love and support!


I purposely don’t keep track of how many Canadian dollars I’ve spent on platinum for the sake of my own sanity.


The real sting comes when you start counting in Australian dollars.


Hm, Australian Dollars…so if it was USD$69.99 it’d be AUSD$96.66? Ammirite?


Currently the markup on all games in the XBox store for Canadians is about $20: $60 USD game -> $80 CDN; $80 USD game + season pass -> $100 CDN. I was looking at the full pack for Halo Wars 2, and iirc it came out to ~ $120 CDN. Galling as, up until relatively recently, the prices were still at par. So as much as I’d like to pre-order HW2, it ain’t happening.

Aww, so you guys DO use currency down there…? Do you mind if i keep pretending you Aussies trade koala pelts? By the way, HOW MANY koala pelts does Battleborn currently cost down under, Eden? :smirk:


Yeah the markups these days prevented me from pre-ordering Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition. $50 plus a discount I could do. $80 for a re-release almost made me spill my ketchup potato chips into my bowl of poutine.

@HandsomeCam @EdenSophia

No, no, my friend, you are mistaken!

Kangaroo ears!


Chips AND a bowl of poutine?

Im drooling here!

Ketchup chips and poutine are an important part of a complete Canadian breakfast. Along with maple syrup covered backbacon.

Just bought a new BB-version, since my Battleborn-Day MK.2 was destroyed by an unreadable disc :rage:
Really appreciate the pricedrop, could´nt efford a new disc otherwise.

(It worked perfectly, nothing happend to it and Thursday it had a huge scratch and my XB1 did´nt recognised it anymore…All of my hate…no skins, no title, no loot, no fun…)

Wait, isn’t your account still on the server though? Does the disc matter?

Well, I just popped down to my local games shop and it’s still selling for $59.99 here. That’s NZ, though, no idea how many American dollars that is.