Cryo Bouncing Bazza... you need one

So i had a cryo bouncing bazza on a mule and grabbed it when i hit level 15. This is the grenade for building Avalanche. If you haven’t thought of it i thought i would post it here. Mine is homing so it can be a little dangerous but with it and Cold as Ice nearly everything dies before i shoot and i get stacks for all of them. Haven’t seen the builds referencing grenades much so thought I would toss this out.

I used the cryo Baza in the beginning and pretty quickly switched to the Longbow cryo transfusion, as survivability comes into play in late the and uvhm. Also a simple longbow cryo might work just fine.

I use a Cryo Bouncing Bazza on my Jack and its just perfect for freezing, especially as longbow grenade. So yeah, i had it in mind for my Aurelia.

Thanks… I have been using various cryo grenades, the bazza is still great even though its level 15 to throw at a big crowd prior to switching to my main, currently a longbow cryo or cryo transfusion. Healing is a function of cryo damage so the more Avalanche you build the the fastest way possible the better it works and i use the Bazza to help build it. Definitely a situational grenade for a stack builder, not a main but give it a shot if you haven’t.

She screams Cryo Kiss of Death to me. Though I can’t say for sure since Aurelia barely hit the first minor gamechanger in my playthrough.