Cryo + Claptrap

Despite the “hint” on the loading screen, we know that Clappy doesn’t respond the same to elemental damage as other Vault Hunters. He is hurt by corrosive more than others and takes less damage from fire. It also looks like he is more likely to freeze as well. I run with the Too Scoops on him quite a bit and he has a tendency to freeze himself fairly easily (take DOT + move slow for 6 seconds or so). I decided to see if it’s just him. And at least when testing with Jack & Nisha, he definitely will freeze a lot easier. For all 3, the test I ran was:

  1. Remove all skill points and equipment.
  2. Shoot Too Scoops at a wall or floor at point blank.
  3. See how easily they freeze.

Claptrap clearly could/would full freeze in just one shot sometimes. Jack seemed to be impossible to freeze and Nisha was somewhat difficult. Note, both Jack and Nisha could get a temporary white border around the screen, but that would last only a second and did not restrict movement. I assume Clappy is also more susceptible to enemy cryo as well.

In some ways it makes sense as the few robots you face are generally quite easy to freeze, but I had attributed that to lack of shields more than particular cryo weakness. It’s somewhat unfortunate since I enjoy the Too Scoops + SWAB build. I don’t plan on changing as I’ve been running with that build all the way to level 60 anyway. However, I do run with a level 11 Too Scoops for this reason to minimize DOT damage (and the damage from Too Scoops was insignificant to enemies anyway).

Sorry if this is already known or posted elsewhere… my searching skills may have failed.

Yeah, freeze glitch is already known and devs are aware of that (i think). People reported the same glitch on other characters as well. If you want to be safe from that use Warming (Cryo immunity) shields.

Cryo resistant shields get rid of this problem. I like to use a warming avalanche when doing two scoops and start with a bang novas.

To be clear, this isn’t the freeze glitch (the one where you move slow “permanently”). This is the normal freeze that a character can encounter where they move slow for 6 seconds or so (e.g. if you touch those cryo plants out in Triton Flats). Clappy just seems way more likely to enter this state from Too Scoops splash.

Yep… and I know about Warming shields and their immunity. I would LOVE a Warming Purple Tediore shield for Clappy, but have never stumbled upon it. Since level 60, I don’t think I’ve seen very many Warming shields of any type and I open every chest, killed a bunch of bosses and check vending machines (item of the day only). I was offered a Warming Avalanche, but I’m pretty sure it was… err… “manufactured”, so I didn’t take it.

It’s all good though. The purpose of the OP was more that Clappy seems particularly weak to cryo compared to other VHs (from my limited testing).

i’m starting to think every class is just cryo + explosive shotgun for badasses… that seems like fairly limiting gameplay but they hit SO insanely hard (2 or 3 shot nearly any character), i’m not sure how else to handle them.

cryo + ravager in the face will make short work of a badass… thing is it’s the same combo whether i’m on claptrap or athena. is this all there is to combating badasses? starting to get old, i don’t want to play my nisha like this also when she grows up, there has to be other ways to kill them that are just as effective. right? :frowning:

Did you mean to reply in this thread?

Anyway, I think cryo is important for badasses. It’s not just for the damage boost, but for the defensive aspect. Frozen baddies don’t do damage and badasses can down you quickly. While explosive is one option after cryo, you have critical hits (Jakobs + skills) or melee (bladed + skills with someone like Athena) that also get bonus damage.

I do think cryo is sort’ve like slag from BL2, but at least non-badasses don’t require it.

i did, but i seem to have stumbled into a godly build for claptrap so i have in fact found gameplay that doesn’t involve freeze/shatter with shotgun pellets… it’s freeze/novasplode lol.

holy cow. seems utterly broken but that’s ok with me :smile:

I posted in the old forums here. Not anything revolutionary, but it’s basically how I run Clappy. Might be what you’re doing. I’m not sure I would call him the best mobber in the game. Crapshooting Nisha will always take mobs down fastest because she doesn’t have to move (or aim really). But, he might be the one I like mobbing with the most. And he’s strong against the bosses as well.

but doesn’t nisha rely on her active to do that? Claptrap hardly even needs ammo lol… i’m getting like 35k heals on every kill. and still experimenting w shields, my latest is a 37% absorb seems pretty hot so far.

the oz kit and shield seem to be pretty flexible; it’s insane how stupid this is for mobbing.

So far i have realized nova shields are pointless, your shield is almost never full. Spike shields are equally stupid because a nova hitting for 600k can’t be compared to an explosive single target spike off your shield that hits for 25k.

Side note- i’m not sure if they patched it or if it’s just me but i generally have to shoot my feet about 10 times with Too Scoops to freeze. which is irritating when i want to freeze to clear the bug lol

Possible the “normal” Vault Hunters have an innate resistance to freeze (perhaps other things) to make the experience more enjoyable. Being constantly frozen would suck. Elemental immunity shields are hard to come by.

Also possible they forgot to give this to Claptrap when they gave him different elemental weaknesses.

Summary: plausible. @Jeffybug, any chance we could get developer word on this?

No, Trick Shot is always active.

A Warming (cryo-resistant) Tediore shield (purple) is best on Claptrap (IMO) if you’re going to do the Too Scoops + SWAB thing. It works well with Killbot and It’s A Trap Card. The Sham would also be a good choice against weapon-using enemies, since he’s going to take a lot of shots. A regular Absorb Shield may not be sufficient to offset the benefits of using a Tediore shield. Also, if you’re going to do Tediore tossing against bosses, you want to minimize bonuses to SWAB as it can drop your health quickly without getting a kill. You would want a Loose Cannon mod (+6 LnS, +5 Drop the Hammer… ideally).

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot the best reason for purple Tediore shield on Claptrap. If you take Safety First from the right tree (and not All The Guns), then it will be 50/50 of SF - Health and SF - Shields. When it’s SF - Shields, you are nearly invincible, because SF - Shields removes Recharge Delay from the shield you’re wearing so that it is always charging at the shield’s Recharge Rate. On Tediore shields, this means the massive Recharge Rate is always on. Any damage is instantly absorbed. The only danger is being one-shot by bosses, badasses or barrels. But, the other 50% of SF - Health you are vulnerable (although it’s nice). The difficulty is that both Grenade Vent and Death Machine are very good skills that get buffed by Chronicler of Elpis. So, maybe the Tediore shield is a bit more situational (if you want to fool around with swapping often). Need to re-examine that… Sham may be more optimal most of the time.

As far as Nisha… no, she doesn’t need her action skill to get kills. With this build, you can use Showdown to quickly get the first kill (sniper rifle?) and after that Showdown is used to restore shields in an emergency. The class mod should actually be Blue (Trick Shot and Tombstone). Get a Maggie (Two-Fer or Dastardly) and kill everything quickly and without using too much ammo. She is awesome in coop as she can hang back and “snipe”. A Turtle shield is somewhat optimal until you start getting legendaries. It is fairly critical to not get near enemies. She will go into FFYL easily. That’s why pairing her with Athena or some of the guys with pets (Jack or Wilhelm) is important to draw aggro. I mean, they’re going to be upset that you keep clearing the room without giving them a chance to kill anyone, but it’s a team effort. :smile: You can get more survivability without sacrificing too much DPS by finding 6 points to add to the Law & Order tree. Maybe drop both capstones, a point each from Trick Shot and Tombstone, and a couple from Hot Lead… something like that.

so the last 4 player i played i found a Cradle AND a Shooting Star on nina’s machines lol… anyway, yeah SF with tediore makes for insane regen.

Then add 3DD1.E on top of that and it gets pretty sick. i took down the first stage of the Sentinel by circling his feet blasting the floor, using active for heal when i needed it, had a couple times i had to run off and butt-nova a mob for health but for the most part i was fine in close to him.

The Cradle is nice- lower shield points but even faster regen than a tediore and it regens a lot more per second than it has total points, which means it fills just slightly faster. also it does explosive nova and constant explosive spikes that knock back and don’t seem to have an internal cooldown like most spike shields. in fact the Wiki for Cradle is missing most of its powers i noticed…

i like the Chronicler class mod for the shield regen and extra explosive buff, plus level 9 is plenty on Start with a Bang. I still have an excellent sapper mod and also a 50% explosive damage oz kit for outside mobbing. i breezed through holodome 1-5 with this build and clustered badasses were extremely easy.

my Too Scoops is lvl 54 think im gonna reset for a level 60, but then again maybe higher damage isn’t what i need since it hurts Clappy too (though just barely i’ve noticed). Also frost slow has no effect on jump or O2 during jump so i doubt id need a warming shield. if im still slow after everything is dead i just shoot the floor and switch it off.

Also i gotta say the best thing about Start with a Bang is it still functions when you’re downed… and with BB4L the damage is sick, novas well over 1 mil.

Hmmm… I’ll have to take a look at the Cradle again. What I didn’t like was its longer Recharge Delay. I thought it was almost double a purple Tediore. What’s the stats on the one you’re running? I also remember being unimpressed with the explosive Nova from it. What kind of damage are you seeing from that? It should get boosted by grenade damage bonuses (Grenade Vent + Bomber Kit). And Load n’ Splode should boost it. You know, I dismissed it back before the CoE mod came out. But maybe it’s different with that.

Are you sure about the Spike capability of the Cradle? I don’t remember it having that effect. You’re not spec’d into Repulsive are you?

You will take higher DoT from the Too Scoops freezing. I was running with a lvl 11 for a long time. Finally grinded up a Warming Tediore (not the best parts, but woohoo) and am now using a lvl 60. Honestly, there really is no difference. The DoT done to enemies is so minor compared to your explosive damage and the freeze chance does not seem to be affected by gun level. I guess if I get the Cradle, I would go back to the lvl 11 (which I hope I stored in my bank).

And I don’t think BB4L should change the damage on SWAB. It boosts weapon damage. You may be seeing that you can easily get up to max stacks of LnS while in FFYL because both Livin’ Near the Edge and Blue Shell boost reload speed immensely. But, BB4L and Blue Shell give you a very nice boost to the amount of time you can be in FFYL. All adds up to Clappy being tough to kill.

Good point about BB4L, it feels like it helps, but maybe not.

i discovered an easy fix. Just shoot a cryo barrel and freeze or hit a cryo plant, when you unfreeze you start moving normal speed. Idk why this helps, but it does!!