Cryo damage is a nonsense! (Please, read)

Well, Can anyone explain me how Cryo Damage and Cryo efficiency actually works!? The official description on the website makes no sence! I have made a couple of tests with my char without any class bonuses on two SMGs. The first one had 256% efficiency and 305 dmg. The second ine git 268 dmg and 174% efficiency. Well, what do you know! The first one had made near 110 shots and has frozen Goliath at 50%, hp. The second one spent the same amount of shots and has frozen the same Goliath at 55%. (Bacially, every enemy had been frozen at 50% and 55%, so the effect is stable to the chosen gun) This makes no sense! I conducted tests with other weapons, and it became obvious that the effect should accumulate, otherwise the enemies would not been frozen, while having a sheild. But guess what, nor the efficiency %, nor the attack speed, nor the damage actually does not give any information about when exactly the enemy must freeze. This stats make no sence to me at all! Also i noticed, that when you actually interfere with any other cryo sourse, but your gun, the % of hp when the enemy becomes frozen just drastically falls down! Can someone explain what is going on? How it actually works? And OmG these YouTube “cryobuilds”, just aaaagh! How could you “create” something when nobody knows how it works, so you can’t choose the gun which has the most amount % of enemy’s hp when they are becoming frozen?

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would also be down to learn this. Intuitively it feels like its top tier dps against a many of health bar types. I’ve been using cryo lucians call with cryo efficiency relic and I don’t think it gets much better than that damage wize. Seems to out preform fire and matching relic on the triple health bar guys.

But it’s not about the damage i was writing. I don’t care about that. I was talking about Cryo as element and it’s effect, which “efficiency” stat makes no sence, so the cryo damage description on the official website.