Cryo Damned with GM - New Fun detected. Obliterate

I just wanna share this “Damned” gun I’d been having fun in TVHM Mayhem 4 after the recent Moze buff. The bonus incendiary damage is really great.

I got the Cryo, 5.0x zoom version. My Moze uses GM com / Deathless / BT build. I have about extra 73% rifle dmg from my com and relic.

I played whole Lectra city without reloading. Thanks to my DT build.

I am comfortably sniping enemies from a good distance while peppering them with Cryo, Fire, and
Corrosive. Enemies that come close get Frozen or bombarded.

No, I haven’t tested this gun in Slaughterhouse.

NO, I DIDN’T get this gun after the increased drop rates. I haven’t gotten a decent item after the hotfix.