Cryo-immune enemies and hidden cryo?

Is there a ‘hidden’ cryo effect against some bosses (e.g. Felicity) where they’re frozen but not slowed down? (Like slag in BL 2 against the Warrior.)
Also, I see DoTs taking effect against these bosses. Does this mean that they’re frozen and would therefore take increased damage from explosive, melee, and critical hits?

Happened to Red Belly and he wouldn’t respawn, had to start at the beginning

I believe you are correct: the cryo damage effects apply until they wear off, but the enemy is not slowed or immobilised. It’s possible that the effect is reduced (i.e. not as much DoT.) If the effect is being actively resisted, you’d expect to see the word “Resist” coming off them instead of damage numbers.

Yes if they tick they be frozen.

I did a test with Clappy + IVF throws with and without a cryo area-of-effect grenade. Iwajira would take the additional damage, but Felicity wouldn’t (although there were ticks while she was in the area). Fun stuff to kill Iwajira in about 3 IVF tosses (Quality IVF, too), as opposed to the usual 9. Someday I might try on some of the other bosses.

A cryo grenade’s “ticks” are not mechanically the same as a DoT tick. So while one may have “cought” the cryo effect from the grenade, maybe the other one was just subject to the grenade’s DAMAGE, which would mean that they were not considered frozen.

A better testing method would be to apply a cryo DoT through a unique source (like bullets) if you see numbers after you have stopped shooting, that means they have cought a Cryo DoT.

Yep. That’s what I noticed. The DoTs I did to Felicity was not from status effects. Glad you cleared that up for me, no wonder explosives did the same damage.

I think I read somewhere (Pretty sure Sljm wrote it) that Felicity can’t be frozen. Not sure if it is only cryo that she resists or if it is all DoT’s.

Yep, I understand. The comment was a (poor) indication that she could take cryo damage without spouting “RESIST!” and not an indication that DoTs had been applied. I should have added that I also tried a shattering grenade, Too Scoops, and Fridgia and could never get the DoTs to stick.

Has anyone tested the other bosses? I know Red Belly can (at least the combined form and the bigger half… don’t know about the lower half). Anybody try the Sentinel? Maybe I’ll give that a shot tonight if no one knows the answer already. It’s easy enough to load up in TVHM and run tests without worrying about dying.

I haven’t gotten far enough to test the Sentinel, though. If you could test it to confirm, that would be great.

Neither form of the Sentinel appears to be vulnerable to cryo. Admittedly, I probably didn’t check every phase (both shielded and unshielded).

I faced the sentinel on normal with aurelia a bit back. With the shield there was damage from cryo but no blue lettering and I was only widdling away at him until i switched to explosive weaponry. Without the shield the damage was better there was cryo damage with the lettering. The numbers varied per shot that I could tell.

That jives with my recollections of various characters: shock to strip the shield, then cryo/explosive/fire/shock depending on which phase you’re dealing with - they all do some damage.

After retesting, it appears non-shielded Sentinel is vulnerable to cryo DoTs and thus additional damage from critical, explosive, and melee. Admittedly, it’s kind of tough to make out the #s from so far away and with other skills proc’ing at the same time, but the #s seemed quite a bit larger.

The Sentinel is immune to all DOT’s, The empyrean Sentinel is definitely vulnerable. This applies to the Invincible versions as well.

I think so. Biggest cases I’ve noticed are against Iwajira for sure, and possibly the Empyrean Sentinel and Felicty.

Case and point, I had just beat TVHM as Aurelia. Was lvl 48 and using a lvl 44 ravager with a high stack of duchess. I was getting mostly crits but was not taking large chunks of health out. Cold as Ice becomes available again, I shoot Iwajira with it. Next shot out of the ravager took out half his health and killed him.

Red and Belly will freeze solid.

I’m not sure the Boson, Felicity, or Zarpedon will freeze.

Iwajira will take cryo damage, and slow way down, but not freeze completely.

I think most bosses take some cryo damage, and will allow Aurelia’s shard to attach.

I agree the first phase of the Sentinel seems completely immune to cryo and a lot of things. Maybe after the shield is down, it may work, but I’m not sure I have tried or was paying attention.

The 2nd phase of the Sentinel will allow Aurelia’s shard to attach … I just don’t know what effect it has. Even though that phase seems easier, I am still too busy to pay much attention.

Yeah, I wasn’t too clear, I was referring to the second phase of the Sentinel fight after you get its shields down. Were you able to get DoTs while its shields (mask) were up? I wasn’t successful.

Felicity doesn’t take cryo DoTs… at least, I’ve never been successful. Odd, because it seems like robots are some of the easier baddies to freeze (next to Kraggons).

the emyperyian can always be DOT’ed. the little sentinel can never be DOT’ed (unless tombstone and excalibastard work)