Cryo mini guns + 100% minigun anoint

Is pretty hilarious. Everything freezes in a couple of shots. Pair it up a raging bear or bear trooper and you’ve got a cryo bear build with little investment.

Throw in a grenade with 20% chance when iron bear takes damage and lol your way to victory


Have you tried Eternal Flame?

I dont have the new DLC so no

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I tried eternal flame using a build that ignores any fuel stuff excluding stainless cuzbthe damage on it. Was neat actually I liked it. But flare is just the best one now cuz purple tree giving insta fuel


You should def try to get new dlc since purple tree lets you have bear up permanently

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Yeah, I can see Flare + purple insta fuel being insane with Iron Bear builds

On paper I thought Flare + 4th skill tree will get you 100% fuel uptime, but in practice it just prolongs Iron Cub’s duration. It’ll be nice (but OP) if we can get 100% fuel for most runs.

Wotan can confirm that LOL