Cryo or Shock - Which reigns supreme?

Weigh in folks.
Ir’s a tough call…

I honestly cannot decide!

Freeze in the reference of emotion.

for what? and on which class?

cryo does 0.4x damage on shields, shock does 2.75x damage on shields. Both do 1x damage on flesh and armor.
But cryo enables the 3x explosive multiplicator, 3.5x melee multiplicator and addtional critical dmg on frozen targets. So, either do your element matching, or stick to freeze and smash.


I much prefer cryo,especially against ultimate badasses, they can’t hurt you when they are frozen solid. Imho a cryo bullpup is one of the best weapons in the game.

shock on athena. cryo on others.


My mains from BL2 and TPS are based on shock (guess I can say that it is my favorite element) but cryo in TPS does help immensely against super badasses.

I wanted to say shock, but I’ve really fallen for Aurelia so I’m gonna have to go with cryo. Being able to freeze Ultimate BA’s with full shields is just a blessing.

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Yeah, Aurelia is kick ass!

She only struggles against certain Bosses, but that can be offset by playing co-op rather than Solo.

She makes mobs VANISH.

Shock still seems to be the de facto best element (see chart above), but cryo can stop most enemies in there tracks which is really nice.

Aurelia’s added cryo bonus give cryo a little more umph too.

I like a Fridgia in my loadout, but I also generally have a shock weapon. If I could only choose 1, it would probably be shock.

Neither. Cryo and Shock are just a means to an end. That end is…


Seriously, Explosive has always had the most utility. Splash damage yo.


There is no bad element, only wrong element. Or there is no good element, only right element. Get it, that is borderlands.


Shields make it harder to freeze enemies which annoys me. But cryo ftw, even you play with Athena. Don’t snub flash freeze, it’s basically made to enable torgue-swapping without losing stacks.

Yeah but you still need stacks to freeze so for that reason Shock is best for elemental Athena. Flash Freeze is really useful for corrosive and explosive once you get high stacks.

Nah, athena flash freeze is needless. Just shock everyone including bosses. By the time you flash freeze and switch guns, all are dead already. She is very efficient in dealing damages, that is deadly and fast. No time for playing with freeze switch.

Frost Exhaust on Clappy is great.

I haven’t played Athena yet, but if you used her Chronicler of Elpis mod, wouldn’t you be able to freeze almost everything with a cryo weapon and not have to bother with flash freeze?

Flash freeze isn’t about cryo itself, it’s about using corrosive, and more importantly, EXPLOSIONS!!! at high stacks