Cryo Rosie VS Absolute Zero?

If you’re reading this, you probably know of the amazing Rosie set from the endgame tvhm/uvhm mission - but there’s a new cryo-only laser of the same style that could actually challenge the Cryo Rosie? I don’t think anyone knows just how to get the Absolute Zero yet or if it’s possible to obtain via grinder, but it has some pretty incredible stats;

(most likely lvl70)


(sorry for poor quality photo)

Which would you guys rather have?

whats the red text on the absolute zero do ?

lol red text does not “do” anything for gear… it’s just something to show that an item is unique

the special ability, which is what you’re looking for, of the absolute zero is increased stats but reduced mag size

Wow that magsize is pitiful, yet with a Master Blaster COM on Wilhelm that Absolute Zer0 blows the cryo rosie out of the water.

Edit: Absolute Zer0 is superior on pretty much everyone, bar maybe Nisha.

Wilhelm, Auriela, Claptrap, & Jack can make great use of this gun with their skills

Even on Nisha it might be better due to her increased reload speed in and out of showdown with kill skills

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Your right I’m a dumb*** the huge base damage difference really makes it superior even if it isn’t firing for as long.

It really does when you factor in Tombstone Bonafide grit and High Noon

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That BFG tho

quite a few chars have skills that increase mg size, it wont be much of an increase but damn 12?!?! and depending on reload would you still do more damage over time reloading every ‘3’ seconds?