Cryo zane build

heard that zane has a pretty mean cryo build. does anyone have one handy? currently at lvl 8 so i have a ways to go before i can use it.

I cant speak for end game builds but my cryo build I’m using to level has been a huge turning point for playing for me. Makes the game “easier” but you gotta be mindful still. Sadly im at work and dont remember my the names of the skill I picked. I can update after I get though if you want.

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sure, that sounds good

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can you update?

I’m gonna need about 4-5 hours till I get home from work. Got busy over the weekend and never made it back to the forums.

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All good, curious about it because I can’t find much information about it and sounds like a lot of fun.

zane gets no love that’s why you cant find anything on him! I’m about to go on my lunch break so I may be able to get a real crude quick post up with skill trees. If not check back around 4:30pm est.

Okay so the skill tree page is super slow on my phone will have to do it after work.



This is what i was using on friday when i posted and i was around level 23 ish or so i tink."cb__3859198443___p__855159471-5_3556968897-5_2942539557-5_3886810084-3_570334902-5_793918426-5_342715552-1___e__3441733518-2407462346_1590166781-4219377344_1434065960-2776360292_1456505163-177328012_1831362103-3548678278_2858871418-1356232721"

this is currently what im using at level 46. i dropped sentinel for clone because they worked better together for wht im trying. If you can get a cryo weapon then it makes things all that uich better but even without it works good. Until you can get Cool, Calm, Collective i would suggest using the base action skill cooldown perk.

Guy’s just a heads up when you get to LVL50 and switch to mayhem nearly everything is resistant
to CRYO DAMAGE so don’t go full hog on it as not viable end game sadly :(:thinking:

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there is nothing more resistant in mayhem than in regular game… it is just more anointed, that’s literally it.


This is just not correct. Cryo works just fine in Mayhem Modes, it just sometimes gets debuffed through the Mayhem modifiers. I just did one of the Torgue slaughters last night on Mayhem 2 with a Cryo build. It was actually not too bad. I am kind of working my way up to M3 with this. Get a Night Hawkin, a Vladof Double Bezoomy (underrated gun) or another cryo AR , a Flakker, and some sort of pistol (the Devil’s Foursum in Radiation or Cryo works great).


In Slaughterstar 3000 mayhem 3, once I get to the 4th round my cryo build is worthless.

You might freeze someone, but chances are you have taken damage and will not procc CCC.

I will try M3 again tonight. I got through Rounds 1 and 2 solo with my cryo Zane on M3 the other night before I had to quit. I did not have many issues, but I will admit it is tough.

I believe CCC is overrated. I think the theory/concept of CCC is more cool than the skill actually is in practice. Zane has plenty of healing in both that same tree and in the drone tree, so I do nit always spec it, even when I am doing a cryo build. But I may be in the minority there.

it’s not too bad, CCC will proc on enemies that it cannot freeze. As long as you are hitting crit spots, and your shield and health are full.

I usually keep a fire based weapon like a lasersploder, or a Kaos for those.

I’ve actually specced out of almost all health regen for CCC barrier build, and run it with a rough rider. So when my shield goes down, zane is already very tanky without the barrier, the barrier just allows you to keep 2 action skills up for Synchronicity.

I feel like the build really only works well when you have anointed weapons, specifically the SNTNL ones that increase weapon damage while it’s active. Without them, zane doesn’t hit hard enough, and you start running into ammo problems. At least, in TVHM M3 when the enemies have a ton of health and badasses are a plenty

So I did all 5 rounds of Slaughterstar 3000 with cryo build Zane the other day, and really did not have any problems at all. Obviously you need to make sure that your M3 modifier does not have the cryo elemental resistance modifier, which I did, but I did not find it to be a problem. I am not saying that I am some great player, because I am not - just that it is, in fact, doable and the cryo Zane build is viable. I did not use CCC but I did use Best Served Cold.

I am having a little more trouble with the Slaughter Shaft on M3. Just so many badass Tinks spawning there and I always have trouble hitting their tiny crit spots from anything other than point blank range. Ugh. Got to Round 4 finally and then my game froze, that was frustrating.

But I think the cryo Zane build is very usable in M3, especially for mobbing.

It does fine in shaft so much so that it can make it trivial if you take Lucian’s call and crossroad in elements there, only bar you have to worry about is shield just have shock or radiation alternative and one of each in Cryo and you are done if you have scourges and lasersploders it is cherry on top also long musket will out dps almost everything on flash and freezes fast af. If you want to elemental match. Crossroad will one burst freeze anything if you remotely aim somewhere at their heads. This approach makes game so trivial that it is almost hex Moze boring tbh

I could have just gotten bad spawns. I was using all of the weapons mentioned other than the Crossroads, which for some reason I cannot seem to find. It was the first time I had done the Slaughter Shaft and I made it to Round 4 before my game froze, so I would say it was not too bad of an effort for my first run. I am going to try again when I get time.

PS - It is weird - has anyone else noticed that NO ONE on your friends list is playing Zane? Mostly Amara with an odd Flak or Moze thrown in.

Get better friends then xd I play Moze and fl4k too but can not go a gaming day without zane it is just different level of engaging.

this build is a nice speed run build and the gameplay is honestly my favorite i love this build but it lacks in survivability in the late game mayhem 3 true vault hunter mode stuff like circle of slaughter and proving grounds

this one is a nice cryo build that i use it has much better survivability the damage is nice too you just have to deal with things that are resistant to cryo which late game because of mayhem debuffs and anointed it can happen a lot but its still really fun to play

you really don’t have to follow these builds down to the T i just use them as a base for people to get an idea of what direction to head in and then you change what ever you want to fit your play style so have fun with it!!