Crypto Spike Challenge

So i play moze and have been trying to complete all of these cartel challenges and i got stuck on the crypto spike challenge which its not hard to destroy these spikes but every time it explodes near him when he is low health it doesn’t give credit for the crypto kill, i even tried doing this with the weapons that have that anointment. Nothing seems to work which led me to look up if i am the only one with this problem and i saw some reddit posts where other moze players are having the same issue where they trigger the crypto spike to explode and kills franco but it doesn’t trigger the challenge completion. I don’t know if this has to do with a perk from a certain skill tree or even the guardian rank perks but it seems kind of ridiculous for a free event to not allow one of the classes to complete the challenge when in reality it should have been done by now through the dozens of attempts at killing one mini boss.

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You need to be far away for him, the crypto spikes will follow you and you can destroy them without risking collateral splash on Frankie

You don’t have to shoot the spikes when they are near Frankie, he takes damage when you kill the spike wherever it is. I was shooting them when they were at the other end of the room during the boss fight and got the kill registered every time. Much easier to get than the fish slap one.


alright i can try it, when i think back i probably was too close when i tried it

So i’m getting sick of trying the same thing over and over, this time i got a clip of it and this is exactly what happens every time so if anyone has any ideas of what is going wrong please let me know since this is very irritating and the clip clearly shows me shooting the crypto spike and getting the kill but in the menus it still won’t give me credit for this broken penetration testing challenge

hmmm I am sorry to say but I think you killed Franco with splash, when you fired on the spike one of the minimap red skull indicator was directly in your line of sight andJoey was on your left. My advice: switch to another weapon to fire on the spike ( they are very weak no need for huge dps), opq has waaaay too much splash

the skull you saw on the left didnt matter and with my build i focus on fire damage not splash damage so if its the guardian rank you are talking about it wasnt that close to the spike but whatever

Did you ever resolve this with Moze? I had no problem getting this to work with Amara and with Fl4k. But now I’m doing the same thing I had done before and it’s no go with Moze. I shoot the spike, a LONG way away from him (I was out in front of the villa). He does die, but I get no credit for killing him with the spike. I wondered if OPQ was sending a feedback that wouldn’t count, so now I’ve been using the Handsome Jackhammer. Still doesn’t work.

Edit: I was able to get it to work with the Maggie (3 out of 4 times). The one time it didn’t, I can’t tell what I did differently than the three times it did work.

I did it yesterday and I’m pretty sure the point is that you don’t shoot them. You just navigate to behind Frankie while they’re following you, and make them bump into him. They do like 1M damage to him.

ill try to get my hands on a m10 maggie to try this thnx for the heads up, i havn’t tried since last week due to frustration but i can try more soon so i hope this works now

Im not sure what gun youre using, but i myself was having issues with this. I think my element kept transfering to him and stealing the kill each time. I finally did it with a non elemental gun and had no issues

Also i would maybe just drop down to m0-m1 to do the challenge real quick if thats all you need

I dropped down to M1 to do the crypto spike and fish slap challenge.

Even on m1 that fish slap was annoying. Im not sure whose bright idea it was to put that challenge in

Indeed. Me and my buddy would get him to his last phase, and Fish Slap and Face Puncher him relentlessly. Sometimes it still wouldn’t work.

The Crypto Spikes weren’t too bad, but a couple times it didn’t count when it sure seemed like it should have. DOT’s must screw up both once in a while.

I think DOTs do mess up cryptospikes as soon as i made sure no dots would pass i got it every time. Fish slap i blasted him down to a sliver of health them punched him for a couple mins lol i wouldnt have minded doing it once but 3 times was excessive for that.

I have followed the ideas and actually got progress made so i’m up to 1 crypto spike complete and by this i already have all other challenges done so i got plenty of time to just focus on this now, thanks for the feedback guys

I think I was having issues getting credit for those while I was using OPQ but got done when I tried another weapon. Not sure why.

last week i got one third of the challenge done and this week i just decided to farm and sure enough it had a crypto boss to kill and i did the same thing as the clip i posted with opq and it worked this time, idk what was different but im almost done now, maybe the dot didnt trigger this time or the spikes were just far enough away to not trigger splash

This challenge is super easy if you use a Face-puncher or a Fish Slap grenade, both of which do melee damage.