Crypto Spike Challenge

I think more to the point, it would have been way easier back when they designed it. Since it seems that at least some of the the people who designed the Cartel weren’t aware that it was going to release at the same time as melee was going to be nerfed into obsolescence by M2.0. Otherwise, what’s the point of introducing the game’s first melee grenade?

Before 2.0 I was a melee Amara main, and would have easily completed this challenge without even knowing it, since I was killing everyone and everything with melee. But in M2.0 I think it might have taken me 100 or so shots of the facepuncher (not kidding) to down him. I had to soften him up with other weapons first, and even when he just had 5% health left it was still a drag to slowly tickle the rest of it away with the face puncher.

i think that is a good assumption and they plan on boosting non-weapon damage this thursday i think so certain challenges should get easier when they try to scale those damages up to the mayhem levels