Crystal skeleton hatred

So I’m doing the side quest my dead brother I’m in the room with the 20,000 crystal skeletons they’re level 67-68 I’m 67 I’m using gear at 67 including a ravager which is the only gun that can damage them and they just aren’t dying. My health and shields are fine I don’t die i just run out of ammo for the ravager and can’t find more,anybody have any tips to take down these annoying enemies?

Grab a bladed weapon, slag them, and whack the ■■■■ out of them. They’re vulnerable to melee.

Also, try aiming for the head with something more accurate than a Ravager. Who are you playing as?

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Maya, and I didn’t know about the melee good tip. Thing is I tried other weapons and the bullets just reflected back and hit me. With the ravager I had time to move out of the way of the reflected projectiles. Every other weapon was resisted also.

If you haven’t did it yet go do the quest for the law it has +100% melee damage and isn’t a bad gun on its own.

Maya honestly has the easiest time. PhLock 'em and aim for the head. There’s a blue spark that moves around showing where they are when they’re invisible; make sure to track it so you can react when it uncloaks.

Get a Jakobs Striker, or Orphan maker if available. Less pellets means less getting reflected at you.

Yay, I do have the law I made sure to get that gun for zero at lvl 50 it doesn’t matter the lvl just using it for melee right?

Not if its melee only. Its not a bad gun so if you haven’t picked it up in uvhm yet it may help you. Or it may not depends on how lucky you get with drops

The melee bonus stays constant; you only need to worry about the level and grip if you want to actually shoot it.

Swordsplosion (make sure it’s casual) does them up right quick. This makes quick work of them in the Magic Slaughter. Or you can shoot at their feet with DPUH. Or melee as suggested.

Just carry a pocket Krieg with you at all times. He cuts through them like butter, if you cut butter with a giant bladed axe.


I tend to either A: shoot them in the head or B: go into FFL and then finish them off- either way works…:smile:

Ya my maya has that hidden action skill to summon Krieg but for some reason it’s not working in Tiny Tina’s dlc :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you for the tip pie man worked like a charm like to think I beat the dlc thanks to you



Hehe these things are awful with most characters. Zer0’s my first character and my main, for the longest time I had no idea that bullet reflection was a thing.

That’s because Krieg’s fantasies involve blood and skeletons don’t have any. That or he was powdering his nose.

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We both know what his fantasies are and blood is only part of them.

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Tell me more please.

Let’s just say they involve meat,blood, and maya.