CTD when in vending machine (random?)

Just fired it up today and was in a vendor machine to sell a few items. When I hovered the mouse over my old Q system (purple), I got a critical error.


Today I got a similar, if not identical, crash as well, when using a vending machine. Wish I’d taken a pic but it looked the same as yours.


OH man, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. It crashed 3 times tonight, randomly throughout DLC and the main game, all while accessing vending machines randomly. Though, it did seem to only happen after an extended period and accessing a vending machine. 116171351_275398920423854_2233576770156501990_n


So, not that this helps, but common behavior I’ve found…if I access the vending machine right as the “deal of the day” window pops up, it almost ALWAYS crashes. If I wait for the preview window (and I tested this tonight), I have no problem with it crashing in the same way as above.


I have been experiencing this issue on PC for the last couple of days. I submitted a bug report as well. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.


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Same crash popup, still happens randomly in game, not even when using vending machines, random memory address.

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Same here. I think the hint about tje Deal of the Day pop up is actually very helpful!