CT's return to Zer0

Hey everyone

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts, but I am currently playing BL2 quite a bit more with people like @Abvex, @Derch, and @MOLMF. Due to the handsome collections release and this community actually sprouting again I would like to start making more content and pushing out information.

My build is still alive in the Assassin master build list and my youtube channel is Youtube.com/CoonTailSSBNY, so check it out for some of the older videos I published.

I will have more content up within the week, so keep an eye out and if you have any interest in smash brothers you can find plenty of clips on my channel also!


Also have you done all the arenas with your build solo?

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Needs more Axton nonsense runs, be it peak or arenas. 4 Player Axton on the Hyperion Slaughter would be amazing. I never had this much fun with Axton, if I ever called him boring, I’ll eat those words now.

Bah, I knew you will be back. It’s hard to quite this game while having an access to the community.

Forget about the HC; 10,000 people are playing it daily on Steam.

And what with this Axton hype? :smiley: I started to level a commando as well(without any outside influence).

I’m going to be doing that as the start to my youtube content for BL2!!

It makes me happy to see familiar faces who remember the old days of CT ranting on about that oh so special Sniper LOL.

Either way stay tuned guys and I have NO ISSUE doing some collab videos as I would like to include more of those from now on. Solo ■■■■ is kool and all but scaling that UVHM setting with some friends has always been what BL2 is about to me.

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Nice, looking forward to you doing the Magical Arena (Bandit and Hyperion are easy, trust me)


Bandit aka Fink’s seems pretty straightforward enough I may be able to get away with just an antagonist and a bone. Hyperion I am worried about and will most likely need transfusions, but magical arena scares the crap out of me.

Those waves are ridiculous and the loadout you need for it seems intense.

Either way I will be posting more videos and if I dont stream tonight, expect another Pimp sweetspots video because @Derch and I have been talking about it. It seems there is quite the breakdown to the sweetspots and it would be great to make another one of those videos since my first one was flagged for having BL2 music in it -__-.

Hyperion is totally doable without transfusions. I only took 2 tries for the entire run (Finks on first try all rounds) and the second try was on round 5 only.

Magical arena is a bitch, especially the skeleton waves/rounds. I was going from harold to ravagers to swordsplosion to pimpernels (shock, fire, slag, corrosive) to twister to badaboom…it was insane. Still is (stuck on round 3 of the arena…nothing but bones)

Magic slaughter is a joke with 2 though lock Mayas.

New PC is almost done and I can’t wait to get some new content up on my YT!

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I missed that thread the first time around

Welcome back Coon :slight_smile:

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Let me know how that goes.

I am just going to leave this here.

The fat one is @CoonTail and @CaptainHindsight plays Captain Hindsight (photo below). @Derch is Mysterion.


Dibs on the blonde kid who is half fruit.


I think Mint Berry Crunch fits you well.

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Isn’t he the one who defeats Cthulhu?


And you still suck more than ever :slight_smile: Welcome back amigo


LOL this was the best thread I read in a while.

I thank the unread section along with @Spunky117 @Derch @Abvex and @CaptainHindsight all for making this thread ridiculous.


You’re ridiculous, but in the naughtiest of ways :wink: