CTT forum not up?

The link to the CTT forum doesn’t work for me. Was wondering if this was the case for everyone currently or if it’s still in the works.

Mods said CTT forums are still in the works. All those accepted into the test should have access by Thursday.


Thank you, I looked but couldn’t find that post :frowning:

i never saw a link to the CTT forum at all in my email.

As I remember it was not linked in the mail but on the battleborn homepage were you got your code. I´m sure the topic will be visible and free to enter for the chosen testers on the 29th here in the forum.

yeah, thats about what im expecting. thanks for the info.

Hi Ganjamira, the email I received had the link at the bottom for the CTT forum.

Still gives error.

hopefully soon… I have some issues that I want to report.

I still can’t get in. Just finished the story mode. Decent.

I’m still getting an error :frowning:

If you don’t have access to the CTT forum yet, just hang tight. We’re working on getting everyone in ASAP! :slight_smile:

Got that later too, but since I´m always active here anyway I did´nt really needed the link^^ Just seemed many others were/are completely confused because its not open yet :heart:

Huzzah! I have so much to report >_<

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No 21:9 I was like :c

still can’t access forum :frowning:

Still awaiting forum access. Registered in first hour.

Hang tight; We know everyone is anxious. Just have to let the system do its thing.

I think that’s pretty BS though. This is something that should’ve been done before CTT.

I hope i get access soon. I bugs to report!

I think it’s really sloppy that people have to wait to be able to access the forum for a beta test of all things.

I was really early to apply for it and I still don’t have access and I can’t even launch the game, and since I can’t enter the forum I can’t read about any potential fixes to my situation.