CTT2 feedback now/future

I know the devs read the council discord, but suggestion chat can get very long and tedious to read through. So I’m just kind of summarizing my thoughts and ideas after some discussion and witnessing complaints from new players in CTT2. These thoughts can evolve and change but right now I think they would be best for the current build and future direction of the game.

For now:

  1. Progression needs to be changed. It’s too slow. We’re in the CTT test out different speeds of progression. Taking 2-3 weeks to unlock the later tier cards stagnates the meta in my opinion. I’ll be running the same build throughout most of CTT as it takes so long to get to the cards I do want. Perhaps making progression about 50% faster would be a good starting point to try out. I think some other sort of progression could be added that doesn’t limit players.

  2. Starter Decks need to be expanded. One of the current biggest issues I see driving players away is that they are all stuck to the same rocket/shotgun/meteor/PR/air jump build. It needs to be more diverse. They need more cards to feel like they have a unique build, to try stuff that they like better, to just have different options in general.
    I suggest moving detonader up to row two, replacing mines. Give the first two rows for free as the starter deck. Have the 4 tutorials try different builds. Tutorial one can be the rocket/shotgun/Meteor/PR/Jump. Tutorial two can be det/shotgun/shield/jump/phase. Tutorial 3 can be det/tesla/fleet/rampage/bubble. It lets them try out all the starter deck, and it gives them diversity for going into contenders matches. This is half card game right? So why stick them into a fairly bad loadout that would be hard to advance in if they keep matching someone who has better cards. (Arguably every card is better than the starter deck minus PR).

For the future:

As I said in my last point this is half a card game, so dive more into the card game aspect. Having builds be more unique would be interesting. My current favorite idea is adding a modifier card. You place it on one card in your loadout and it modifies it for the match. Either for the entire duration of the match, or once you meet certain requirements to activate the modifier. I related this idea to aghanim’s scepter from dota 2. The description is

“Aghanim’s Scepter enhances the equipped hero by empowering or adding new effects to one or multiple of their abilities, granting them a new ability, or in other new and special ways.”

So the modifier card would do something similar. When hovering over your modified card it will show the normal description + at the bottom it would say something like “Modifier: “insert change here””.

A couple of examples are: Modified Tesla: Tesla gains alt fire that penetrates walls.
Energy Barrier Modifier: Players cannot move through the barrier.

Something that adds more depth to the card aspects of the game, making builds even more unique. It’s a bit of work having to come up with something for every card, but even stat changes could work. Like modifier for vamp could make it go faster.

Another idea to note(but I have not really put much thought into) would be a possible passive card slot, match modifier card slots(arena modifier), just for like for fun matches where that could be turned on/off for ranked/tournament gameplay.

The main focus on being now is to help starter players out more to want to stick around. Making progression quicker(not having to take 2-3 weeks to get a loadout, and then 2-3 weeks for a single card when they are the whole point of the game), giving more cards as a starter deck, and the already addressed(and fixed) C gain on loss should be top priority.

Then looking at ways to create more depth for later CTT builds and future release.


I agree with R&C on most points, especially in that the current starter abilities and skeleton tutorial are making new players feel like clay pigeons.

I have a slightly different idea for a fourth modifier card, though (which was also discussed on Discord), so I’ll organize my thoughts here as well, rather than making an entirely new thread.

  • Add a fourth card slot in decks, called ‘Variant Card’ or ‘Versus Card’ or just ‘V-card’ or some such.

  • Fourth slot uses a type of cards (V-cards) separate from the weapon and ability cards.

  • V-cards provide a passive effect that changes the nature of some existing element in the match. Sometimes it is exclusive to one player, other times it is a global effect. In many cases, V-Cards modify the behavior of a particular weapon. The difference between an exclusive-to-player or global effect could be denoted by an icon or border color on the card.


  • Blastproof Armor: Explosive damage taken reduced by 20%, knockback reduced by 50%. (Exclusive)

  • Force Feedback: All knockback effects are doubled. (Global)

  • Dampener Hack: World gravity reduced by 20%. (Global)

  • Flechette Rounds: Shotgun deals 25% additional damage. Shotgun damage is now dealt over time (10 seconds). (Exclusive)

  • Laser Grid: Railgun damage reduced by 50%. Railgun trails persist three times as long in the world, and burn opponents on contact. (Exclusive)

  • Surge Capacitors: Railgun damage reduced by 25%. Fully-charged Railgun shots slow opponents for 3 seconds. (Exclusive)

  • Trespass Matrix: Tesla beams deal half damage, but can fire through walls. (Exclusive)

  • IFF Trigger: Explosive projectiles deal double damage, but only detonate when contacting an opponent or deployable object. (Exclusive)

  • Nanovirus Cloud: Maximum health of all players increases by 100. This bonus 100 health decays at a rate of 5 health per second, but can also be restored by any suitable health source. (Global)

  • Cleansing Reboot: All player status effects are removed, all deployables are removed from the map, and player health is refilled to maximum. Healing from all sources is doubled. (Global)

  • Binary Absorption: Bit Blaster alternate fire rate reduced by 75%. Bit Blaster orbs now absorb Bit Blaster primary projectiles, which increases an orb’s size, damage, and blast radius, to a maximum of 300%. Orbs now detonate when contacting other orbs. (Exclusive)

  • Adhesive Sealant: Detonader projectiles adhere to surfaces, deployables, and opponents, and no longer detonate automatically over time. (Exclusive)

  • Subspace Latency: Any damage-over-time effects applied by the player’s weapons or abilities no longer deal damage, slowing their target for the duration instead. (Exclusive)

  • V-cards are not active at the start of the match. They are kept hidden, ‘face down’ until the halfway point of match, at which point they are ‘flipped’ to reveal and activate their effects.

  • In applicable cases, V-card effects stack. For example, if both players flip cards that increase global knockback by 50%, global knockback will be increased by 100%. If both players play cards that increase all max health by 50, max health is increased by 100.

  • V-cards could be given away in a manner similar to ‘commons’ in CCGs, in contrast to the unlock tree system, via booster packs and/or daily login rewards. Ideally, they would be as ubiquitous as ‘land’ in Magic. Furthermore, they could be traded or sold in-game or on the Steam marketplace (0.15 USD price range on average), and have rare collectible cosmetic variants (foils, etc.).

I suggest this as a way to make matches more exciting and dynamic, by giving players a hidden ‘twist’ to expect at the middle of the match. It might also help mitigate early-match rage quitting, as players will at least stick around to see the ‘flop’ in the middle of the round, to see if it improves their chances of a win.