CU5TM-TP Permanently Dead?

Is there any way so that he doesn’t die? I like him…

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Oddly enough, and Im not sure of the exact point when it happens, he comes back.

I just saw him scurrying around Concordia with my playthrough 2.5 Wilhelm.

So you can still complete his level challenges!

Yep, just another plothole…

When you spawn in to Concordia the first time, he’s usually up by the bin with the “no fires” signs (on the far side of the Merrif statue platform, to your left as you spawn in.) If you’re quick, you can blast the garbage with a fire weapon right there, and you’ll get a ticket. Stay standing in front of him (or try talking to him) and you’ll get more tickets.

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The only ways to get the challenge to pop is to either stand on the grass pile you pass when going to Concordia the first time or shooting the dumpster with a fire gun.

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