Cube Puzzle question

I have a question about the Cube Puzzle in Desolation’s Edge on Nekrotafeyo
How meany times can you loot it? Is there a timer or its is just bugged? I was able to loot it like 3 times but it only gave me legendaries the first couple of times. I want to know if this is like a weekly thing or something.

I was also able to do it while I was doing story progress and again after so I guess 4 times total.

It is once per character file. So if you have three Zane files, you can loot it once for each Zane. Once on normal and once again in TVHM.

But Mayhem mode doesn’t respawn it.

Though I’m curious - what do you mean by three times? Everyone I know that’s done it told me it’s once.

On one character I was able to get loot from the cub multiple times. I’m going to assume it is a glitch on console then. Most people have said it is once per character but I was able to get loot in my own session multiple times. Shoot in the dark but I would assume that was un intended.

Every time I start the game my first destination is the cube. People say it’s 1/character, but it seems bugged (or the former information is just a hoax?) on PC too.
I don’t even need to restart the game, just exit to the main menu and go back in.

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On ps4, I looted the cube at least 15 times… I was surprised as I’d seen people say it was a one shot only deal, but I wasn’t going to complain :grin:

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Me too, I was surprised when i went past it again and again as i thought it was supposed to be a once a play through thing. Not that i’m complaining lol. Sweeeeeeeet Loot

I only looted it once on ps4, with my first character, Amara
Now I returned in TVHM, but the cube is not spinning, and it’s actually come undone/apart…

It’s like a red chest, it takes time to respawn

So, a full playthrough isn’t enough time? :thinking:

That’s weird. I did it once getting to necrotefeyo, then again the next day when i was finishing the story line.
I was offline fyi