Cult of the Moonscaper


Just a “for fun” thread this time. Sorta like Blut’s Flakker thread, just a place to post cool pictures, videos or just talk about Moonscaper praise.

My Video

It’s harder to perfect than it looks. Just ask if you want the details.

My Screen Shots


My new activity that keeps the Pre-Sequel fresh and interesting. I know Joltz did some cool distance jumps, but I think that the height you can get is where its at. Really fun in conjunction with the Sham and Kaneda’s Laser. :laughing:

Nope. Cult of the flakker shuts you down

Long live the flakker

It wasn’t meant to to be a competitor with the Flakker, just a similar tread to post cool stuff about a cool gun.

Long live the Pre-Sequel Flakker
And long live the Moonscaper


Too scoops.

Pyrophobia. Oops, wrong game.

No no no…Flakker flakker flakker…

We need flakker mk.II in bl3

Since its turned into this…

All hail the Longbow

Powerful as ■■■■, and requires skill

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Flakker is better and requires more skill.

I agree, its just my personal pick for favorite “under used”/cool/elite/ect… weapon in the Borderlands franchise.

Its not under used, havent you seen noponis?

Nope never heard of him. When people usually talk about snipers they usually stop after mentioning the Pimp and the Lyuda, with the occasional “the Godfinger is a true sniper’s sniper” talk.

Pffft. Longbow is more of a true sniper than a godfinger.

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The original video w/ the music I was listening to at the time and all.