Curb stomping newbs. Do you really need to?

So there’s been a big influx of new players, who for better or worse seem to think going straight into PvP is the way to go. It’s not really, but do teams of 100s really need to go all out to kill them as quickly as possible? How about having fun with them and letting them have some fun, too? I try to give them tips when I’m teamed up with them, but when a match lasts less than 10 minutes, there’s not much they can learn or enjoy.


First, since GBX won’t show command rank, we don’t know if someone is new or not.
Second, this game takes an incredible amount of skill and teamwork, having a team go easy defeats the purpose for experienced players, the players who are giving this game a pulse.
Third, GBX needs an actual tutorial and needs to force new players into story mode so they learn the mechanics of the game.

It is just as frustrating being a team of 100+s and encountering a terrible team that is running straight ahead as an OM or Rath. I hate waiting 10-20 minutes to get a game and it still is lopsided.

There are issues with the game, but the way players play is not one of them. GBX needs to step up and need to address some of these before release.


No, my friend.

No it is not just as frustrating being the 100s in that situation.



After thinking about this for a while, the most fair way to all parties involved is to
A. Not attack enemies unless they repeatedly attack you or a low level team mate

  1. Then overextending is fine, they will not kill buildables or hurt sentry, they won’t deal real damage and they’ll learn their lesson
  2. No need to gang up. Your CR 100 buddy can handle themselves.
    B. As long as you’re winning, farm shards, minuons, thralls, heal allies constantly, spend time not killing. The longer your enemy is alive, the better.
  3. There’s no downside here. Just play super team orientedly and ignore kills unless forced to
    C. Push as hard as possible as often as possible.
  4. No need to waste time. Not the right game for you or the opponent. Just get through it
  5. They learn when losing that it’s all about objectives, when you have similar amounts of kills but 0 points.

While I don’t like getting stomped, I also really dislike the idea that enemies are going easy on me (or toying with me before death like a cat :stuck_out_tongue:). I want to win and lose fair and square. I think it’s courteous of enemy players to try and win not farm kills, and to not taunt, and maybe not select team composition for annihilation (i.e. I usually pick new characters when against new people). But I don’t want people to play anything less than their best against me on the battlefield.

You can actually, just not in the queue. You can click on their name once you’re in game (unless it’s changed in a recent update, I haven’t been on for a while).


I respectfully disagree. You and I have both invested hundreds of hours and dollars in this game and the fact that there are times I cannot get public matches or I get non-competitive matches for days on end makes me incredibly frustrated.

Compare that to when someone buys a game for $12-20 and they go straight into a PvP match and get crushed. They can either think “wow, I suck and need to get better” or “yea, I guess this game does suck and I just threw away $20”

In the long run, this will only lead to less population, to worse matchmaking, until only the elite remain. So while you’ll get what you want, as everybody will be experienced, we’ll have to put up with lower chances of updates past wave 1, more and more news against us, less people here, it’s the start of a baaaaaad cycle




Sorry, communication breakdown.

I was just trying to say the frustration of BEING crushed I think is always far worse than “oh this is too easy”.

In my equally respectful opinion.



Also, I think the longest I have ever gone before finding opponents of equal or greater skill / experience was 5 or so matches.

If you have actually gone days without finding one, I am truly sorry to hear that.


I don’t think you guys are giving new players enough credit. Yes some will rage quit, but most probably realize that they are new to a game and are going to get stomped for a while before they get a grasp for how the matches flow. The more they play and lose, the more they will learn. Only real way to “fix” these awkward games is for more people to play, so match making can be more rounded out and fair. A ranked mode would be a good start too.


The best thing you could do is actually communicate with the enemy team. If they are new obviously. That’s the best way to help them. Trying to play against them in an encouraging matter will just make it seem like you’re toying with them. Enter, fight, win. That is the objective for you and the enemy, just try not to rub it in their face obviously. If they lose, they need to learn from it. If they are discouraged because they lost, then they may lack the patience to learn what the game is about. Battleborn isn’t easy, it takes time, patience and some level of skill. Games last longer and have multiple objectives. It will be hard for new players but if they are patient enough, they will learn. Especially if people help directly through voice chatting or text. You can even make new friends that way. Then they may talk to other people about how great the game really is once you get the hang of it. A tutorial mode should be a priority at least. Some people (like me) learn certain games faster than others. Battleborn is unique but it is also a first person shooter with unique characters and abilities. I guess not everyone is used to that, especially when you add MOBA elements to it.


You do know you can check how inexperienced the enemy remains right? I know I check before matches…


The kind of people who are rank 2 and join PVP with 0 experience? Yeah, there’s nothing you can do to avoid destroying them. Even the minions will wreck them. You can’t compensate for ppl who try to treat the game like CoD and rush into PVP with 0 experience whatsoever.

It would be ideal if we could talk to the enemy team.


When i face a noob i try to win the game as fast as posible… Why? Because is less frustrating than get killed over and over and over after respawning.

Many noobs dont get above lvl 2 while everyone else is lvl 5-7. They have no way to win the match, many try to get kills instead of minions. They have no ■■■■■■■ clue of whats going on.

Example? OM using ghost mode chasing. Toby trying to tank. Thorn geting close quarters. Rath going 1 vs 3. Galilea defending without her shield. Miko going ninja. Reyna not using overshield at all.
And it goes over and over and over.

Lets pick 1 character and get the usual mistakes with them like Oscar Mike, noobs use his cloak to dive instead to escape and use his nade to initiate instead of finish.

Thorn using vollay vs an enemy with shield and long range, use blight in a single enemy and using her ult as an opener or to kill minions.

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And yet I also see level 100+ doing the same things you just described. Why is the idea of playing mechanics such a hard thing to grasp?


It depends on your definition. Do you really need to deliberately ignore the objective to chase kills back to base, draw out the game to farm the enemy and spawn camp them? No, I think that’s a crappy way to play, I’ve been with teams who do that and I leave them after the match is done. But playing lightly to give the enemy the illusion of victory is, in my opinion, to patronise them, even if they don’t realise what you’re doing. There’s no reason to choose a hardcore meta comp against new players, but punishing them for overextending or ignoring minions and winning swiftly is better than drawing out a game just so they can die more, they’ll learn more from their mistakes then from being pitied. I don’t care if I go 1-1 or 18-0, so long as my team plays the objective and wins the match. I use newbies as an opportunity to play new characters, but I still play to win.


I actually force my team to end games quickly. By killing the objective.

Sadly the way the game plays now it is almost always a complete land slide.

I couldn’t agree more: BB is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, all cartoony on the surface, murderous beneath.
I e the learning curve (char pros and cons/helix choices/gear loadouts/maps/team compositions/
the importance of building stuff/the importance of focusing on objective vs chasing max kills) is a lot more steep than it appears to be.

In the lack of tuto´s (appart from The Prologue) I´ve come to like the idea of mandatory PVE completion before access to PVP increasingly.

I know the masses of PVE I’ve participated in has helped me no end in PVP, and, to this day, I frequently return to PVE just to hone my skills/re-acquaint myself with a char and the chain of options, in preparation for PVP raids.

In conclusion, it’s difficult to find any harm in (having to do) a bit of PVE grinding when you’re CR 1 - 20 or so, before the game lets you through the gates of PVP.


People curbstomping beginners is appalling to me. The population is low as it is, and being on the losing side when the enemy obviously toys with new players is not very fun for new players.
I do two things myself to help out.

  1. I try not to mercilessly kill beginners. I will still push lanes, but I try to refrain from actively killing new players. I can scare them by shooting them to low HP, but if they keep going forward, I try to melee shove them away. Sadly, not even that helps at times. They keep following me to the ends of the map with <10% hp while I have nigh-full and am 3 levels above them. :expressionless:

  2. If I face people who are commonly curbstomping beginners, I taunt on every kill.
    I am not feeling bad for it. People like that are the biggest detriment to the playerbase growing and I am not happy with such people ruining a very promising game.

Of course, with the low population, premades are more common and sadly the beginners gets stuck in a downward spiral where they keep losing because they only face experienced players who are more coordinated.


Lol this is one of my favourite plays against lesser experienced players. A few days ago I was playing with a group and we encountered a new player “DEATHPUNCH” so naturally we released our inner Brick and started yelling “I PUNCH HIM” and, well, punching him. He killed us a few times, but we successfully punched him to death. The rest of the night, even against full premades, we punched everything: Players and minions alike, even the Incursion sentries and Capture and Face Off Varelsi.

I love this. I know of a few particular scumbag players who chase newbies back to base and taunt every kill they get, so when I match against them they get the same treatment back. Occasionally, though not often, I play with a rookie on my team and he has fun by laughing at our shenanigans as we set up kills for him and protect so he can taunt. Good times. BB can be fun, it doesn’t always have to be a full serious game or a stomp. I respect your efforts.