Curiosity Overwhelming. Battleborn and Visual Overload problems from colour Over-saturation

It seems like every-time I play this game, I struggle ALOT with picking out whats going on around me. It’s so hard to explain, and I have never had this problem with other games.

I have Aspergers Syndrome. I have very sensitive senses. Sometimes one sense gets mentally dulled out if I am trying to focus on another sense, the most common combo is when I’m listening to someone speak, I’m not focusing on my visuals, I am focusing on hearing. I am not making eye contact with the one who is speaking with me because of this, and thus they think I’m not listening lol.

I do pride myself with having amazing vision and awareness, but something with this game just makes my visual processing have a BSOD.

Friends probably can recall how PISSED I got on the Tempest maps, and the final boss’ over-colourful arena. I could not pick out/focus on ANYTHING. It was just one over stimulating colour combo that drowned everything out. The spells and effects too are very bright and flashy that the whole thing became ones visual mess to me.

As an Artist, I love the bold leap at the over-saturated and complementary colour schemes they went with. BUT AS A GAMER, I HAAAATE IT.

It’s rough with minion waves too. When both waves have an over-shield I am just… WHAT ONES ARE ON OUR TEAM AGAIN? Even learning the maps is rough because man… lol…

And that example of how my other senses dull when I am trying to focus mainly on one sense? The game’s visuals can be so overpowering that I can’t hear my friends on the mic. Ops points have been derped because of that lol.

The curiousity is just eating at me if anyone else has the same over-stimulation with the visuals…


Certainely understandable, even if I don’t completely share the same problems. The visuals do help massively for my awareness (although field of view leaves to be desired), but it is stil part why Bb is the only game to date that gives me massive eyestrain after an hour or 2.

The oversensitivity lies in sound for me, kind of ironic since i’m partially deaf in my left ear. I don’t know exactly what the cause is, or what triggers it however. It’s best described as making sound comign across as much sharper than it should be.


Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one who is able to just sink into the game and appreciate the fireworks like explosion around me as I play. I have more than enough time in the game, and I know what each and every visual effect indicates, so I’m at the point where I rely on the clutter to tell me what’s going on. Also, being nicely toasted every time I play helps…


That reminds me of something. I find just the RIGHT amount of booze actually HELPS me focus better… I swear it makes the autisms partly melt away. Sadly I can’t really booze anymore due to health problems :frowning:


I remember the color vomit was a huge topic of discussion about a year+ ago. I have pretty awful vision and find it hard to focus on anything other than what I’m doing xD. God forbid there are same characters in the match, I’ll have no idea which are friendly and which are foe and that goes for their abilities. I’ll step into every Shadowfire Pillar, Blight Field, and Extinction Event because I just don’t know what colors (if any) flashed etc etc.


Alcohol? Oh, I meant the greener kind!


The pot thing reminded me of the weird booze zen mode. There is a term for it but I can’t remember :frowning:

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I experience sensory overload when playing this game as well. As much as I love the game it stressed me out when playing because of this. I am constantly on edge and will snap at others when playing. I can’t chill out and enjoy the game like I do with other games. I’ve probably pushed a few people away because of how intense I could get when playing because I was always overloaded. My overall stress levels were high because of constantly being in this state because of how much I played around the game’s release and for the time after until I decided I needed to stop.


Relaxation helps with focus, biggest thing I can say to help with overload(in general) is remember to breathe(friends of mine get pissed every now and then because when they’re stressing out I will tell them to breathe)


I can play Fallout 4 for pretty much an entire day. I can put in 4-5 hours on Borderlands 1, 2, or TPS. Battleborn, unless I take frequent extended trips to the command menu, then about 2 hours is my limit. I don’t struggle to see things - that’s more of an issue for me when characters are similar colours to background - but I do feel pretty overloaded. Just finished Heliophage on normal, and that was enough for now.


Last year during and some time after the beta is was taking me a while to get used to the stuff on screen.
Tokesys and I were playing together a lot and he asked why I didn’t know the level upgrade is on the screen.
Kind of funny now, with all the stuff on the screen I just ignored even the important things. :smile:

While i do not experience it while playing Battleborn, i DO think i know what you guys mean… I don’t know if it’s because the first twenty or so minutes are in black & white, but my eyes hurt a little when Dorothy first lands in Oz. I get used to it after about ten minutes, but still, it’s a weird kind of eye pain…


The visua effects have never bothered me. I can play Battleborn for over 8 hours (I did it twice since released date!) and experience no inconveniences… However, if I play Pendles against skilled opponents, it gives me headaches and eyes start to hurt after 1-2 matches. This character takes my full concentration and player’s skills that I never had to use on any of my other Battleborn mains.

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Isn’t there a setting to turn down particle effects? Check the menus.

I can understand your problem and I have a couple ideas that might help. There are settings in the menu options that allow you to change the colors for allies and enemies so you can adjust those to find the ones that are easier for you to distinguish. There are also settings for the map that allow you to see more of the map in certain modes or change map rotation. Another thing that may help is to use your pings often to maintain focus on your target and help keep track of them amongst the chaos.

Good luck and happy hunting.

That is my favorite option to see in games, RED/GREEN ■■■■■ with me so props to gearbox over this

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I understand completely where the OP is coming from. I don’t have any medical conditions that increase my susceptibility to visual overload, but that doesn’t stop Battleborn from frying my eyeballs after a few hours of play. I love the game, but it has all the visual subtlety of an episode of Superjail!.

One of the issues on PC is that there are some graphical settings that double down on the visual overload, such as “Ultra High” view distance. When that’s dialed down to "High*, environment in the distance that would normal be fully detailed is reduced to a silhouette, in a manner which looks intentional for each map. I imagine “High” is the baked-in console setting. Motion blur is another one I have to turn off, especially in Incursion – the visual distortion on Sentry mortars isn’t something I enjoy.

Regarding overall presentation, I believe a lot of the issue is in how the environments relate to the rest of the visuals. The Ekkunar jungle tileset is so vibrantly colorful, for example, that all the colorful Battleborn and their attack effects are difficult to track when layered on top. When playing on stages set on Bliss, I find everything a bit easier to read.

If there’s every a Battleborn 2 down the road, or another game with this colorful cartoon approach, I think Gearbox should consider dialing down the color vibrancy of the environments a bit, and also try to give them more of a color cast. There was a PDF from the last GDC where Capcom devs talked about Street Fighter titles, and how they use the histogram to make sure the values in stage backgrounds remain distinct from the key values in characters, especially their skintones. I’m sure that sort of thing is already being implemented Gearbox’s visual designers, but I’d like to see a more aggressive approach.