Curious about characters

I was wondering if there are going to be more characters, I just love this game so much. I know it seems far fetched considering what’s happened over the past year, but a season 2 type thing would still be cool, just 5 more characters and some story missions would be nice. A Whiskey Foxtrot story could be hilarious

Lets only hope for more new character and a few new story operation. Gearbox Said that Beatrix will be the final character introduced im Battleborn and The last operarion is Phobe and the Heart of Ekkunar. I have high hope the will make more i will pay for more character

One can only dream to play as Adorable Nova. :mask:

We already have several topics about the wish to have more characters.

I searched out the most recent one from @chaospanda7815 , please continue the discussion there to keep everything together :heart: