Curious about Lecktra City

I went to Lectra city to farm a transformer and grab a one punch shotgun while i was there, i noticed there were a ton of annointed/badass enemies, i didn’t really mind as it was kinda fun mayhem, i’m just curious if anyone else has noticed this? Honestly i haven’t done anything but the new dlc since i’ve been back, so maybe that’s all it is.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect it’s the case that CoV badass enemies all have a chance to spawn as anointed variants. So any map that is CoV heavy - and Lecktra City is basically CoV central - is going to have more anointed. Same with The Anvil and the CoV proving grounds - I always get lots of anointed there.


i was thinkin that might be kinda fun in the dlc’s too, but in hindsight i dont really care for annointed enemies, just too much shrinking/teleporting for me to have fun with, thanks for the reply though, makes sense.


Like Vaulthunter101 said, that map is 1) loaded with CoV (so you’ll get some of these anointed mixed in), and 2) seems to be sort of the equivalent of Sawtooth Cauldron from BL2… just a tougher lot.

Are you fluent with Atlas weapons? Once they’re tagged, the shots will follow them regardless of size or how fast they move… very satisfying when they can’t escape (watching the shots flip a 180° turn when an enemy suddenly teleports (and the tracers tell me exactly where it landed), or the shots are aiming for open ground but damage numbers come up anyway (and that little turd can’t sneak up for an ant punch because the tracers point him out). :smile:

The other thing that’s always been curious about 'Lec City to me is no vehicles.
Yes, there are some crashed ones, and some burning ones, but no C.A.R. stations and no live enemy vehicles.
Just curious.

Given the tight corners and Borderlands vehicle controls, it would be murder driving through there. Which probably explains all the crashed cars!

Yep, there’s quite a few annointeds around, especially by Moxxi’s, right before you go up to the Killavolt entrance.