Curious question about "Live from Playstation" streaming

Random question :

I am trying to watch people stream this on the “Live from Playstation” viewing method (on ps4).

I go to “Live from Playstation” and generally see a gigantic list of games from top to bottom auto populate on the side. Games that appear on top are based on how many total people are streaming it. It seems like this list reveals every single game that someone is possibly streaming on PS4 usually but for some weird reason Battleborn is not on this list - at all??

HOWEVER, Battleborn IS searchable if I go into the “Search Games” menu and perform a “Hard Search” for the name. Doing this will show the streamers.

Why do you think this is happening (to me)?

Additionally, this problem has been happening to me now over the course of an entire week. This is not just an isolated one time incident where the best course of action could potentially be “please restart your Playstation 4”. I’ve never ever seen it on the auto populate list - even when the amount of people streaming the game would have placed it in the somewhat middle of the list in terms of amount of streamers!

I’ve been using “Live from Playstation” for quite awhile now and to me, any game that someone is streaming on the PS4 will auto generate on this list. I have NEVER had this issue happen before for any other game I attempted to watch.

If this is something PS4 system wide, it’s a big big deal because many people nowadays look to the “LIve from Playstation” list of streaming games to gauge current popularity of said game. With it completely hilariously missing from the list, I feel like it might be greatly hurting the exposure of this game and effect it in the long run.

Or perhaps this is just an issue with my own Playstation 4 account?

Can anyone else check the “Live from Playstation” menu and see if Battleborn auto populates on initial opening of said screen?