Curious question about mods

if i got lower level mod but has better perks but offers same stuff as higher one , though if higher one has worse perks is it better off just using lower level mod as dont see much difference in relic’s as they do same thing i think no matter what the level difference and more rather use one with better perks even if its lower level apparently ? just curious question as was trying for new spiritual driver mod but every new spiritual mod i got all had perks i never use.

If two items are the same like COMs or artifacts, higher level will be better cause it will have higher passives % bonus. What passives are better depends on the build.

ah i see still using spirtual mod i got for amara at 50, due to gun damage and smg perks it has on it as others i got recently had no perks like that and was mostly garbage perks to me but but coms yeah

Yup, better use lower level for example with wpn damage than the max lvl with XP gain.
Of course if you want get more XP the second one will be better, but it all depends on build.

yeah its spiritual driver amara build, not sure if its still good but i like it but still need fire cutsmans as still using 50 one as bates didnt give me on e from 53-57 as seems to be stupidily rare drop from him