Curious question (also want to help out ps4 community on the side hense why im asking this question)

when making a topic on here , say you fixed topic or in my case I wanna do fun giveaways as in giving away gun sets or grenades , or artefacts etc as the community has helped me as I try to help back but after giveaway is done for that time (was planning on doing a few over time) how do you delete a topic as wouldn’t want people still commenting on say giveaway that’s alreadly been done etc if that makes sense :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter if you lock it, you will get messages for years after you do any giveaways.
I still get them from a bunch i did back in 2013 with bl2

yeah tried to delete post before but it locks it instead of deleting at times which is odd and that’s long time ago!

Topics can’t be removed entirely on this forum. Closest you can get is to edit the original post to state giveaway is finished and then asked for the thread to be locked.

An alternate is to host the giveaway on something like the discord servers. For instance I know the unofficial Gearbox Discord is around 5k people.

yeah discord sounds bit better for giveaways as prefer to delete and not have to wait/lock up a post on here and keep it around etc as some still think its going on probly!

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