Curious question on farming class mods/artifacts and shields also why dont 2k do m10 on on them?

whats lowest mayhem mode i could go to get class mods, artifacts and shield drops ? as looking to hopefully farm better spiritual driver and hopefully test and get used of raids to farm spiker shields for my amara as seen guides on 2nd raid but looks stupid annoying on m10 unless you got all godroll items and would like few of his shield drop in different elements for certain amara build and also best way to farm elemental projector artifacts as was questioning trying out deathless one.

AFAIK, mayhem level doesn’t effect dedicated drops. So you don’t even need to have Mayhem activated to get a Driver, as it can only drop from its dedicated pools(Sylestro? and Valkyries).

Not sure about the E.P. dedicated drop? I have always had decent luck with Graveward for artifacts.

Edit: Elemental Projector is a prefix if I remember correctly. So it might not have it’s own drop. Maybe farm the Deathless drop source and hope RnGeezus is feeling generous.

To answer the other question in your thread title: GBX are looking at shields etc. that do damage.

The rationale provided for not having different mayhem version shields is that enemies do the same damage regardless of mayhem level - they just have more health so take longer to take down.

Then it was discovered that due to the way chests were changed to drop mayhem gear, M10 enemies could spawn with M10 weapons…

If you look through the various mayhem threads (could take a while) there’s a bit of a debate among players about whether gear should or should not level with mayhem level (basically revolving around how this affects difficulty as you level up, especially if you then drop back down levels). Some folks like the extra challenge of extra powerful enemies, others not so much.

It’s not clear exactly how GBX will deal with this, but possibly we’ll find out this week (either Tues or Thurs).


yeah was just curious as also wanted to try new guardian thing so guessing i can power through and learn ropes on normal then slowly build up maybe as heard lot complain also over how long new guardian boss takes to get to

The enemies have an unnatural amount of health(even after they reduced it). As @VaultHunter101 said, spike/nova shields do not scale damage with Mayhem levels ATM. My recommendation would be a Transformer with a good annoint. It can be farmed from Killavolt or world drop.

i have transformer but guessing mayhem only applies to guns grenades then

For the time being, yes mayhem only effects weapons and grenade mods.

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