Current Best XP Farm?

I’ve gotten back to BL3 and need to level up my characters from 65 to 72 and would like to just do it all in a farm.

What are the current best ways to farm? Is PsychoBillies stilll the way to go? Are there any good farms elsewhere/other DLCs that might also have good loot in the pool?

Any of them better/worse for specific vault hunters?

scraptrap trash heap trashlantis

Ditto. Kill the scraptraps and Scraptrap prime (whatever it’s called), leave the room by running up through the shipping container and jumping down onto the ledge, jump back into the shipping container and into the scraptrap room and the fight should start back up again. Rinse and repeat. There are videos out there for it, but it is fairly straight forward.

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I too agree with Scraptrap. Use an artifact with XP boost and get the boosted from the science game. Didn’t take long at all from 65 to 72