Current build isn't strong enough

I’m wondering, is anyone else running zane like this?

Looks decent enough, maybe your weapons aren’t strong enough not the build?

I’m on mayhem 10, an I’m running maxed out OPQ, hellwalker, hellshock, and yellowcake. All weapons have action skill active 200% dmg, and I’m running a high end transformer and seeing dead class mod with 35% action skill cd

That seems like a pretty good setup, not too sure what to suggest,looks like you have most if the best stuff going, sorry. Maybe they out some different weapons

If you rely on your clone for damage, take out fractals frags, I’d als suggest a point in salvation.

Just a heads up in case you are unaware, that anointment looses it’s buff if you change weapons while the action skill is active.

Being a Zane main, I never use the Digi Clones so my build is very different than yours.

I have a Dome and Drone build that uses the SNTNL Cryo anointment on my weapons. I find it more reliable than the ASA 200.

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All my weapons have that anointment. Its the best anointment for Zane, tbh

I did the dome and drone build for a while. When I was using it, my shield wasn’t stopping projectiles so I switched to this build. And I should clarify. I’m on mayhem 10, finishing out the new DLC fine. I can nuke bosses in less than a minute, and I move stupid fast. What I CAN’T do on mayhem 10, is the new takedown. The mobs take literally minimal damage and it takes forever to finish a single area.

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Its awesome that that build is working for you. In regards to the Guardian Takedown, I just dont do it. Its not that I cant, I just hate the invisible platforming section so much, I just dont even bother with it.

If we can keep our god clone for another week I’m gonna post the build I did True Guardian Takedown with. Just in case you’re not into watching YouTube videos.

The platforms are cake for me. Its the indestructible creatures and getting blown up because there isnt enough time that does me in