Current design of matchmaking encourages MMR Pit

Basically that. The system of setting up one team at about equivalent MMR, then picking ANY OTHER team regardless of MMR just means Gearbox has created a pit that people will never get out of. You lose, you get put with people who lose, get you paired against people who win, your team loses. The cycle continues.

MMR Pit.

Only people who can put 4 complete losers in a backpack and hump it for multiple games get out.

RIP Battelborn for any semblance of competitive play. Makes Heroes of the Storm’s match making issues look like divinely inspired scripture.

Where did you see info on this?

Yeah, not too sure where you’re getting the detail of the matchmaking system not taking into account each teams MMR when pitting them together.

The vast majority of games I play have been competitive since the matchmaking overhaul. There’s an odd game here or there where my side or the other just overpowers the other one greatly, but it’s not very common.

I haven’t noticed a bit of change with the matchmaking quality. 2/3rds of my matches are still 100-0 steamrolls for my team or the opponent. At this point I’m not convinced there IS an ELO system in place and I won’t be until I see some (ANY) evidence of it.

I’ve noticed similar, only because people are so surrender-happy. I’ve had people request surrender at 100-100, just because the other team was in front of our base.

I’ve seen opposing teams request surrender at 100-100 in the exact same scenario. They’re outside our base, ostensibly winning, and they try to surrender because it isn’t an easy steamroll.

People are getting accustomed to 5 minute matches. Either we completely dominate, or get rolled up and move on.

Not sure if it’s an MMR/ELO thing or just bad luck, but it’s frustrating as hell.