Current end game activities - non loot focused

I would like to start a list of all activities you can do at M4 now to keep motivated, if you so wish:

  1. Clear your loadout and backpack completely. Go to your bank and choose 4 legendary guns you have not used, choose a new shield, grenade mode and try and find a com that might work. Try the proving grounds then slaughter shaft, or whatever. Then join some friends or match-make. Get the feeling of challenge again…

  2. Try to complete content you find too easy with purple, blue or white variety weapons.

  3. With obscure kit try to complete proving grounds before 25min timer passes.

  4. Start a spreadsheet and itemize your loadout. Use this to help speed up quality trades. Also get to know the RNG and what you don’t want. Spead up your databasing skills - a commercial skill. Google spreadsheets are free.

I hope people add more suggestions… Sensible and otherwise - I’m sure.


take a shot every time Ava, typhon, or Vaugh says something annoying…

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just reset entire story and enjoy the true gameplay of borderlands .


Just done that with Zane, and trying other suggestions to mix it up…

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Your suggestion 1 is one of my favorite things to do. And you don’t have to do it destructively. You can put it in the bank or a split screen mule or “only up to sanctuary mule” or whatever.

I usually respec for it too.

In BL2 I would hit prestige, dump my backpack, reset my playthrough and play fresh.

Speaking of which. Resetting a playthrough or starting a fresh character is always fun to me too.

In case you guys haven’t thought of it, finding all the map collectibles and crew challenges are fun as well.

Hunting achievements.

Going back to Mayhem 1 or 2 and chilling with more average gear/builds is fun.

I also managed to beat one of the trials with all optional objectives on a lower mayhem. Still tough, but in a different way.

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Don’t get me wrong I love doing challenge runs I’m just disappointed that a takedown that was advertised to require a team of 4 finely tuned vault hunters ended up only being a challenge to solo.
I also recently thought of tvhm m4 playthroughs without using anointments.

I just ran a M4 proving ground with some strange kit. It was a blast. Without anointments that’s hardcore…


What if we don’t have enough space to do that? :thinking:


  1. Clearing and sorting bank for things you really don’t use or need to help clean up space. (one of my favorite pastimes, so you have room to do said suggestion :slight_smile: )

  2. Reset skills and just select skills that seem fun to you, in a combination you haven’t done. Select a load out that seems fun. (may not be boss ready) Set your Mayhem (or not). Start at Athenas and see how it goes (or anywhere). I just did this on M4 and not meta by any means, but it just works. FYI it takes longer to kill traunt, or any bosses in general, but we are having fun right?

  3. Respec and pick only one solid color tree and roll with it! The left over 7 points are freebies to the last 2 trees!

  4. Want a real challenge? Respec and don’t set your points. No Action skills, just straight up shooter.

  5. If you haven’t already, you can try stealing all vehicles if you are missing parts to finish your collection. There are guides to each area, but I found it more fun just to go to each area and figure out which I needed.

  6. Bored of simply playing but want more Borderlands 3 action? Head over to:
    Borderlands 3 Alphabet Game


I don’t know if this counts for what you’re asking (not m4), but I’ve already levelled all 4 VHs once…so now I’m going through and doing it again in a radically different tree than the first time for each of them, forcing myself out of my usual comfort zone.

Alternatively, reset TVHM and restrict your available loot:
Only use quest rewards.
Only use vending machine items.
Only use crazy earl items (once you get to Sanctuary).


Couple of other obvious options:

  • Only use stuff from a single manufacturer (be as loose or strict as you want with your allegiance)
  • Stick to a single gun type (made a bit more sense in BL1 with its proficiency system…)
  • Focus on a single COM type

Love the thread, by the way.


Full zone clears! Go in at the drop pod, kill EVERYTHING!!! Along the way, use slide, look for slam opportunities, etc.

This is fun as heeellll, and it gives a full appreciation of map design and diversity.


Don’t forget to ride the rollercoaster or play plinko! :grin:


endgame is Burger Delivery, lol


“Only use stuff from a single manufacturer (be as loose or strict as you want with your allegiance)”

Personally, I think this’d be most fun to do with ALL one manufacturer, but others’ mileage may vary.

And, I’d add (if one chose) to really lean into the manufacturer, even if they went with another type’s grenade or shield. For example:

-Hyperion: make a point of aiming down the sights to use the gun’s shield.
-Atlas: make a point of using the tracker darts/pucks and then spamming shots.
-Jakobs: make a point of focusing on crits. “If it ain’t a crit, it ain’t really a hit.”
-Maliwan: build around charging and/or elements, and element switching.
…and so on.


heh - these are all things I do every day (except the backpack unloading, but I do pick a loadout and try to make it work). The spreadsheet is just to see what red-texted gear I don’t yet have, and to load balance all the non-allegiance gear around my characters).


Have you done yours achievements? on ps4 the system says only 4% of people found all the eridian tablets

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When I say ‘loose’ allegiance, I mean that all guns are from the brand, but you can pick/choose shields etc.

Strictness usually comes in when figuring out what to do about Grenades and Shields. In previous games you also had COMs to worry about (I have not really paid attention who makes COMs in BL3…).

So, if you are very strict, then grenades and shields have to be from the same brand, but not everyone makes shields and playing shieldless is a challenge…

In the end fun is subjective and everyone can do in BL3 whatever they enjoy :slight_smile:

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I’m currently gathering Lucky 7’s at every level from 35 to 50, and plan to get a new Siren up to TVHM and have her go through TVHM only using that one gun.
Pretty sure it’ll be a blast, I really really like that gun.

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I totally agree. I’m not judging what others might do…only expressing what I’d find more fun.

In part because I think I’ve exclusively used Hyperion shields while leveling and I need/want to try other stuff out, but I don’t gravitate toward other shield manufacturers.

I definitely wouldn’t play shield-less unless that was the goal. Might be a fun goal, though. There are some builds that do best when their shield is down (or nonexistent).

My comment was more about the second part of my post – really immersing oneself in the manufacturer’s shtick. So if they do make a shield, trying to emphasize that as well. If they don’t have one (or a grenade), I’d try to find something that made sense with that same shtick. That might be a category, a manufacturer (e.g. pangolin makes shields and not guns, so maybe using those shields with a manufacturer that doesn’t make shields), or even a specific type (e.g. singularity grenades go with x, y, or z).

Of course, though, everyone should choose whatever they want to do. These are all artificial restrictions we’d be putting on ourselves anyway.

Have fun how you like!

Yes, I understand your POV and we are in ‘violent agreement’, I think.

For example I am considering to deal with the fact that Maliwan does not make grenades (AFAIK) by only using grenades with an element, to keep with spirit of the brand.

As an observation, having manufacturer rewards show up in mail is pretty cool for this playstyle, as it helps with keeping gear decent. One exception to that is CoV, they seem to send you some random stuff, I’m told. Also - I got few loyalty rewards, both from Vladof and Maliwan, that were 2 levels above me. Quite annoying…

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