Current Modder base

I had to edit the previous text and it’s now here. Below is the new version.
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This is a list of modders. To join in the list you have 3 role options for multiple choice:

primarily is a dependent modder that is evolving in order to release a mod of its own. In the mean time He/she might join a team or coop with other modders by performing specific tasks. Independent modders can be found here too, check their motives later;
is an independent modder focused on modelling and texturing, but also able to put the created asset in-game without help
likewise, it’s an independent modder focused on scripting to create game modes, rules, AIs and etc.

You are invited to create a post about yourself, a brief explanation of the main project you’re leading or willing to develop. You can choose one, two or all 3 of the explained items, if desired. After the list there’s an example of content, so you can have an idea on what to publish about yourself. Your post can be edited any time later, if desired, as well.

Use the links to reach the modders and check their current interests
chimas , nakamura , nathanielmattock , ogliss , eatthepath

pouk , kragle , eatthepath

dom2 , sastrei , eatthepath

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== Example
Designing the VAYGR TANKER counterpart to the HGN one. Willing to work in other projects focused in HW2R.
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Below, there is a list of tasks that can help explain your path towards becoming an independent modder:
level 1 - All the skills to hod a ship and put in-game in previous HW2C
level 2 - Badge Collection or balance tuning
level 3 - Support activities in a team
level 4 - Have used GBX tools yet
level 5 - Hod Ships in HWRE / Skirmish mapmaking / Modeller
level 6 - Weapon and Subsystems setup in HWRE
level 7 - Independent Artist or Coder / mission/campaign creator in HWRE/ GUI dev

The next level always encompass the previous one. Other levels might exist but are not needed here and other tasks might be included. Also, this is not any kind of official classification. It’s Just a reference guide for this thread alone.

I would be willing to support homeworld 2 modding. Especially the scripting. But I am working on the Taiidan Republic Mod at the moment so I might join later when it is finished. (A few months! ;)) Skill level eh… 3-4.

Is the goal to explore the numbers and skills of the HWRM mod community, or finding out who can help you out?
In another words, do you want to hear only from the people with free time? Because for istance I’m lvl 7 purely dedicated to my own project.

Free time or having a project already. Not accepting MOD ideas though.

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Anyway, it is good to see some activity in this category! :wink:

No I’m still confused.

I’ve read that, but I am “around” and “modding HW2”, it’s just the “who for” that I’m not clear about.

“Not accepting MOD ideas” sounds like this ‘is’ a recrutement for a team to focus on -something- instead of “pull things in all directions”.

But then again maybe you simply just meant, that someone with a mod idea is a Level 0.

What is the level stuff for anyway @chimas

Ppl are digging the things we have available. This is not a static scale, rather a point of reference that the modder will evolve over time. Anyone should or may be in the list, but I’ve read some posts in the past of ppl that is not active talking here now. So, where are they?

I wonder if they’re carrying out their projects without publishing or mentioning anything because they don’t want it to be a promise or commitment at this point. Are they isolated or have they given up? So this is a way to know who’s active looking for something.

“Not accepting MOD ideas” is because there is a thread about it.
Maybe “not accepting” is too harsh, I was just giving a reference, not imposing a condition …

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By HW2 do you mean HWR? I feel like this is sorta a roll-call / phone book listing for all the currently active modders, is that right? If so I’ll be happy to add my info.

I do not know each one either! Which one is it? @Chimas

I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds the overall message rather unclear.

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At the moment, you are 1 of 3.

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I was blinded to the HW2 thing, sorry for the mistake - it is HWRE as a whole.
I’ll correct the first post.

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On thanks. I don’t mod normally for HW2 anyway.

For gaining XPs and leveling up.

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Haha. Funny. How much XP to get to level 5? :wink:

Well the experience system is not numerical, but actually based on how much time you put into crafting and such. It calculates from the achieved skills from your skill tree.
Also there’s no XPs per se, but time units points.

So for the Level 5 you have to invest quite a few points mostly into 3D skills slots.

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Cough joke cough. But thanks for explanation.

Oh and I’d suggest changing “required” to “requested” - don’t want to come off the wrong way. :smile:

So let’s see if I’ve got this right:

MODDER: Sastrei
ROLE - Supporter, Artist
CURRENT MODS - BrickSpace, BrickOcean, BSG: Apotheosis, B5: All Alone in the Night
COMMENTS - “Owner” of HWMOD Wiki

Like that @Chimas?


Well atm i am of no use to any one in the modding universe for one reason…College…but i shall be around to do stuff after all that and by then i should have amassed a huge idea base and knowledge base