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Thanks for shout out , got notified via email.

Awesome topics as usual Pouk :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m not active on GBX forums, I’m aim to be once the next code structure update is released.

Anywho , yesh I’m working with Mjoilnir on …things :). And currently trying to get an open source dx11 engine base 100% running for people to mess with.(I’m sticking with ‘Wowe’ engine for now)

My love of homeworld hasn’t wavered however :D.


Love of homework?

I feel all of this level stuff is rather arbitrary. The thing is that in Homeworld modding, out of necessity, there’s a lot of one-man projects, but is that really a good thing? I wouldn’t say a given modder is “better” because they can do all tasks related to the things that come to mind when someone mentions a homeworld mod - e.g. adding a new race.

In an ideal world, but even real game development, everyone’s a specialist to the point where balancing, gameplay design and level design are different areas. The same applies to programming, art etc. I personally think that for a quality product, mods included it is beneficial to have a team of specialists, which is why that’s how I organized the Rebirth mod team.

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Good luck finding texturers.

There’s no conflict here. Your specialist would still be 7. Someone who can make ships. Or someone who can code.
The thing is if you want to put together a functioning mod team, you need at least one “7”, otherwise you’ll get either a project with a lot of gray never to be textured models, or a balance mod (that’s not a bad thing, it’s just that’s all it’s gonna be).

It’s not that one is “better”, because they can do all tasks well, that wasn’t even the point, it was a “multiple choice” ladder.
The scale clearly starts from very basics and ends at doing one thing decently. Not on “I can build the whole mod by my own”. That’s why there’s no conflict.

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How many people are willing to texture other people’s ships? None that I know so I agree.

For the whole time I’m in modding since 2009, I’ve heared of one.

I don’t understand what you mean. I mean have you only found one texturer since 2009 who is willing to texture other people’s ships or…

Yes. My point with “good luck finding texturers” was a counter to Nakamura’s specialists theory. There are no 2D specialists in here, that would be willing to texture other people’s models.

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And yep, I agree. Well, there is nothing to disagree with so…

Yes, out of necessity, in this environment you really have to lead by an example.
…Or maybe also by the sheer power of your charisma, but leading by example is a safer bet.

The best way to start a mod is to know something well and start doing it, not to talk about it and gather a team for only an idea. Be the beacon, let your work speak for you.

I don’t know how you gathered your team, if you were the original founder? AFAIK Rebirth is an older thing, that started as a Complex offbranch. Were you the one who put it together from the start? If yes, please do share your experience, we’re interested. Or did you pick up the mod after somebody else and you attracted people to the known mod’s name? Because if that’s the case, it’s what I’m talking about, gathering people to the project that has something already going on.

But then again, no one ever joined my project, so what do I know… :smile:

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Sounds like some hidden recruitment! :wink: But you did amazingly well with the mods you have made that i played, so needing a team is non existent. :slight_smile:

A subtle recrutement was here: :wink:

Well I’m a stubborn bastard, so I keep Vaygr and most of the Hiigarans for myself.
But there are plenty of other modelling tasks I could use help with, mostly in the map making area. Or Kushans and Taiidan. I have really big plans with maps, but no time to split my efforts from ship making.
So you know… non existent… It would be in this century if I had help.

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Cursed they iPhone spell check

There it goes again! :wink:

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Aspiring level 1-7.
Comments - I have done everything in all the levels to some degree, except GUI dev. However I wouldn’t count myself skilled at most of them…yet!

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We do have a 3d artist who can also texture(planning to find a few more in the future when more is done)! Our staff just agreed to put off all work until we can change stuff like hardpoints on existing ships - that’s a pretty huge limitation atm, as opposed to what could be done via the community tools in hw2 classic.

Ah okay, I see what Chimas meant now. Just the whole level thing confused me, like I interpreted it as X being superior to Y. Multiple choice makes perfect sense.

[quote=“Pouk, post:46, topic:679500”]
I don’t know how you gathered your team, if you were the original founder? AFAIK Rebirth is an older thing, that started as a Complex offbranch. Were you the one who put it together from the start? If yes, please do share your experience, we’re interested.
[/quote]I was on the original Complex team’s balance tester group and started the splitoff called “Complex Enhanced” back in 2013. It was a two man project to begin with but slowly grew and gained popularity, and the team grew as well.
Rebirth is in a sense a continuation of that work, but the Complex branch has been abandoned. So basically CE was the original team’s resume(15k+downloads, good player feedback) which was what we used to attract more people to join the team.

The team itself is compartmentalized, with different groups of people dealing with gameplay design, balance testing, art, audio, programming and campaign writing.

As for myself, I’m a junior game designer, currently working on the upcoming Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon DLC as balance team lead, and soon Halo Wars 2 as gameplay designer. Rebirth is something I’ll keep working on in my free time.

From the list I can do 2,3,4,6 with minimal xp in the other areas (no art skills though).


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artist - level ?
not entirely sure what level id be, got a bunch of ships working ingame atm, not bothered with badges yet, but custom weapons im messing with, really i wanna learn it all :slight_smile:

Current Mods - Homeworld : Battlefleet Gothic(no where near ready to be made public)

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PLEASE, do not comment this post, this is just a place holder. Check the changes in the COVER post.

Designing the VAYGR TANKER counterpart to the HGN one.
Willing to work in other projects focused in HW2R.